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  1. Simon Ross

    Eeeek, 5 mags isn't that many for a CQC weapon which eats mags.
  2. Simon Ross

    xD. Chill out, don't be so salty and triggered. This post here isn't relivant and yet it is here. If it is being revived from nearly a year ago there is a valid reason it was left dormant, and now why don't you go and chill tf out hahaha.
  3. Simon Ross

    You all know this is a post from over 1 year ago
  4. Simon Ross

    Would be cool but how often do people actually take them, people would rather sell it all then keep some.
  5. Simon Ross

    @jakey What is your current CPU specs?
  6. Simon Ross

    Go offline & Practise. It took me an hour or 2 and I can fly them really well now. It is just knowing the basic controls(10 minute yt video) and knowing what % of engine power to land/taxi. Slingloading would decrease the number of VTOL used as people would opt for Huron+Hemtt over a Blackfish because you can hold more with the Huron & it is much less hastle(depending on how good a Huron Pilot you are)
  7. Simon Ross

    Don't store things that are extremely valuable in it then.
  8. How do you have a reputation of -8,938?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Jamz


      Because I am loved by Neo

    3. Andres Martinez

      Andres Martinez

      the probably changed it on the admin panel.

    4. Zeroic


      In 8,938 likes, he aint toxic anymore

  9. You cannot actually add any more factions as all 4 slots are taken up(Civ, NHS, Police, Camorra). There is only Civ/Camorra/NHS/Police alternatives
  10. Simon Ross

    @Lightwood Remember though that Nvidia are most likely going to drop a new range of graphics card this summer/next 3 months so if you want to hold off on that/ use your current one in this new built until they drop the 10 series(1080's etc.) will go down in price or you can get the new series. https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/nvidia-gtx-11-series-launch-long-time-from-now/
  11. Simon Ross

    So I should try and do some LSD & Weed runs to get the money in, my god I haven't done runs like that in years haha
  12. Simon Ross

    Can't you buy the licenses from the license shops? Also what is the Camorra (I assume it is a whitelisted Rebel Gang)
  13. Simon Ross

    Could you explain what that is? Sorry for so many questions I have no clue what much on here is tbh.
  14. Simon Ross

    What would you say the best drug run is?
  15. Simon Ross

    Is Iron & Copper the best runs to start off with then when you factor in time & payout, I'm used to 80 mill not 80k

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