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    In-game name: karl Steam ID: 76561198208064760 Date of ban: 08/03/18 Reason for ban: advertising Staff member that banned you: unknown Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: well i am unsure if it was unjustified but the one i if i advertised did not happen at all Why should we unban you? because i wanna play again with my mates
  2. karl

    game kickes me

    I don't understand why the game kicks me i mean i live in norway and the server if it is in uk/eu should not kick me but i get high ping and it kicks me because it clames my battleeye don't work have any other People experiensed anything simular
  3. we all know that AAA and AHA is there to make the roads safe from bad parking and insidents but why aren't they allowed to revive downed players. me personaly have meet People that have needed Medical attention and often the medics are far away and not Abel to get there in time and the player respawn and it could many times have been prevented if Altis AA And Altis Highway Agentsy were Abel to revive People and maintain the roleplay because if you see that you should stop. but i have only been Abel to see their last moments and it isent a good feeling does not matter if it is in a game or not so fuel or who ever responds to his post please add this as part of the aaa and aha licens
  4. karl


    well that is good because i don't even know how to hack
  5. karl


    In-game name: Cpl.Karl Steam ID: 76561198208064760 Date of ban: 05/15/2018 Staff member that banned you: Admin Reason for ban: Hacking Why do you think you were banned: Idk Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: yes because i was following game rules and i do not even know how to hack If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: because i have friends i play With and i enjoy this game Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: i don't think so i mean i just got banned Without reason Please confirm you've read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes

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