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  1. I cannot find the player on the forums so I will be issuing a ban. If reported player speaks to me on teamspeak then we can talk about what happened.
  2. Going back to normal. Number of players is higher 8-12pm
  3. No time to comply after initiation. I’ll give the reported some time to respond. If no response is received, then the player will be banned.
  4. Can you provide evidence of the medic being near his car?
  5. What I'm going to suggest is that @Pentigrasscompensates ht, and then your gangs can move over this situation and forget about it. Just to make sure this is clear, no matter what happens, if someone breaks a rule do not break one yourself. @da real htWill you be willing to accept compensation and arrange a time to transfer?
  6. From what I can see from the video it looks like a mistake, I believe he initiated on police and then you were shot accidentally. Report Denied.
  7. Denied. However I warn @DanCnot to threaten people with reports.
  8. @PentigrassWould you be willing to compensate?
  9. I don’t understand the meta gaming in this report, how did you know it was him before you even see him? Anyway this was an rtc so comp should be given.
  10. Denied. It’s an adult community so you should be able to take this.
  11. Oliver Calvert


    Unbanned. Don't do it again @TempR
  12. Report Closed as requested by reporter.

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