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  1. we did not initiate one we where driving to moonshine and i drive on a hill and one of your gang members shot me and hit me (sorry do not have recording) so i get out shot him and i go after a didn't truck so we where gang intiated sorry i thought it was a different sit i am not apart of this but it is my gang.
  2. Tommy C

    Remember if you do not meet the requirements you can still apply and get in!
  3. Tommy C

    What I have found out recently from being on the server for about 2 weeks and I love it is the amount of cops responding to a certain situation. I am in a gang that is quite new but we all have skill but me and 1 other person initiated on 1 cop he was there on his own 1-3 minuets later about another 6-7 show up, shouldn’t their be a cop rule called over responding example : “if their is one rebel keep a ratio 2:1 but if it is smaller gangs with no big weapons don’t bring as much” But then again I have been on the server for 2 weeks so their could be a good reason for lots of cops to show up.
  4. Tommy C

    Inactive gang?
  5. Tommy C

    Congrats to Silence shot for the rank - sergeant bebras as for the rank - sergeant im sure their is one more so if I forgot you just put it below this
  6. Tommy C

    Rember if you do t meet the requirements still apply and give it your best shot you never know you could get accepted!
  7. Tommy C

    Is it reckless?
  8. Tommy C

    Remember we are still looking for members we currently have 10
  9. Tommy C

    Why would you be asking?

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