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  1. Tommy C

    IGN:120 fov pulldowns Age/Country:13 soon 14 , uk Bank balance (screenshot):6.5 mill Previous gangs/Faction units: Eternal, imnsomnia, imperial other friend gangs Hours on Arma *screenshot: https://gyazo.com/72bc1f127a7d2967487a51319639c309 Can any members vouch for you?: all I think
  2. Tommy C


  3. Tommy C

    Enter pls
  4. Tommy C

    Opfor has a down side and a up side the good side is it adds a different play style and changes the server a bit but the down side is things like they have to buy there gear but cops don’t?
  5. Tommy C

    squeaker friend gime gime 💗
  6. Tommy C

    can we do it at 6pm today?
  7. Tommy C

  8. Tommy C

    okay msg me on forums when you are on
  9. Tommy C

    @Adam Briggs500k by now when are you on?
  10. Tommy C

    @-ICE-BREAKER-when you on for the 7.62 surpresors?
  11. Tommy C

    K I do 200 k will be on tmrw
  12. Tommy C

    @-ICE-BREAKER-165k for 2 7.62 supresors?
  13. Tommy C

    I will do 200 k for them
  14. Tommy C

    Why perm?
  15. Tommy C

    Plz hobo right now

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