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  1. Tommy C

    5 Man?

    Dead game
  2. Tommy C


    In-game name: Tommy.C Steam ID: 76561198137340395 Date of ban: 03/02/19 Reason for ban: Kamikazed a gang base mid way through gang wars Staff member that banned you: @Wilma Fingerdoo Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: No it was justified it was completely my fault and I regret it a lot. Why should we unban you? I have played this server a lot almost one year,I have only experienced 1 ban which was NLR which was completely my mistake, this is my first big ban and I wish I never did what i did. At the time I was playing with my friends in a gang and i thought it would be funny to kamikaze a blackfish in to the blue skinned gang base which sinity I belive just took it of us. I have only been banned for 10 mins or so and I already regret it so much as soon as I saw i was permed I was devistated, all the good memories I have had on this server is all I have left, I would realy liked to be unbanned and if you where kind and did i would NEVER break any rule agian. Thanks for reading, Tommy.C.
  3. Happy birthday 

  4. Disgrace to all dupers....
  5. No thx got like 30 plus mags and 20 car95 1 now in my house
  6. Things like this is normal ya player hosted thing nothing to do with admins, a few months ago some one hosted it for reborn
  7. I think @Hazuneeds this he will be a real gamer then
  8. Tommy C

    New Skins?

    No just make suv that have gang skin
  9. Tommy C

    NHS interview

    Go back to medic building and get more?
  10. Tommy C

    New Skins?

    Make a purple red and blue one which is the same camo as gang base but it will auto skin the suv
  11. Who has gang bases my bed time was yesterday night @Hazu
  12. Tommy C

    TRU btw

    How did bot scotty get in tru lmao

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