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  1. Epic


    ffs i tk'd him yesterday aswell. i would've won this easily.
  2. Epic

    Half price

    idk why you're commenting here since you won't be playing the server so it won't be a problem for you. That's why it's easy for you to leave a comment like this. Whilst people that will actually play will have a hard time paying for their loadouts, vehicles etc. 1.5m for a quilin, 5m for ifrits. Way too expensive for the people that actually will be playing.
  3. "Jesos Christos" hahaha n1 sj
  4. acting as if 20 blackwater members bring them out, only one that drives them is matrox.
  5. yep fuel will nerf the mechanics of an armed quilin!
  6. Epic


    Sounds like a cricket commentator @Bobby
  7. not much shown in the new avengers trailer 


    1. Abdul_


      @Epic@1.29 i didnt know  you were an actor? xx 

    2. Epic


      @Abdul_nice listen to this guy yapping with all due respect mate dont insult me!!!

    3. Abdul_


      look at this p___ yapping man!

  8. Epic

    Black Water South OP

    Only difference here, you guys were able rock up in quilins and only had to drive 1km or less. Here we actually go to cosford airstrip and get quilins out which is a 2.5km flight, then drive another 2km to get to the supply drop. So your point doesn't stand.
  9. As a Scottish man myself I think they all look good except the iron bru 1
  10. that was embarrassing but wp.
  11. @poultsthis is the superior cousin

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