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  1. Item: 2 police armed quilins Proof of ownership: will add later Buy now price: 3.5m each Starting bid: 1.5m each Minimum bid increment: 250k End date: 10/06/2019 open for offers for both of them Current Bids: Quilin 1: 1.75m by Scotty Quilin 2: 1.5m by Declan C
  2. This would make house security pointless to buy, all you need is 2 people in a hellcat, watch you at your house location, then just rob you and steal your house keys without having to break into them. Meaning police won't be notified if you spent 30mil on your house security and instant break instead of the time it takes normally with bolt cutters. -1 +1 for stealing vehicle keys though since its realistic and isn't too major.
  3. I think it's a bit unfair to only let cops pay for long range scope since the paycheck you make as a cop is terrible and now that they can't go gang base bidding on as police they need money. If you want to see less sniping, increase the prices of long range scopes for all parties, blackwater, rebels and make cops pay for them at a similar price.
  4. @lucasbrown101's high sens aim
  5. In-game name: Frato (Ingame and Forums) Steam ID: 76561198329519784 Date of ban: 05/01/19 Reason for ban: Stealing Files - ingame Posting 3^ - on forums Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Ingame - Was 100% unjustified as I did not steal files. Forums - I can understand why I was banned considering neo did say he didn't like people posting 3^ and I'm sorry for posting it. Why should we unban you? ingame - I would not want to ruin everything I worked so hard to get on here by doing such a thing. I have never even had access to files other than ARU documents and Medic databases, however I have not stolen any of them. I should be unbanned because I never stole a single file. forums - There was no rule against people saying 3^, however neo did say he didnt like it. Obv insted of saying it I should have just kept my mouth shut and im sorry for that. I will not post useless things like that again and sorry to Neo. Also im sorry to fuel.
  6. FiveM server sounds like something to look for, I agree FiveM is missing the rebellious activities aspect of it.

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