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  1. Epic

    Denied feel free to reapply in 2 weeks
  2. Epic

  3. Happy bday, have a great day fam

  4. Epic

    sad to see you go jaax, gl
  5. Epic

    Your comp request has been accepted, please note whenever you're on the server, open your phone (Y) go to settings and retrieve the compensation from there. @Simon Viklund
  6. Epic

    Name: Epic How long have you been on the server: 6 months Have you been banned? if so why? Nope Why do you want to join the 5th Order? The reason I'd like to join 5th order is because I am looking for a group of people that enjoy doing the things I enjoy doing, one of those being roleplay. I have had a lot of encounters with 5th order when I was a police officer and all of the encounters have been quite positive. I enjoy the roleplay provided by all of their members. I would also like to begin my life as a rebel somewhere and I think joining 5th order will make for the best start. What do you bring to the Order? I have a lot of skills that I believe I can bring to the order, first of all it would be good roleplay, as I mentioned I enjoy roleplaying and have been in the police most of my time for that reason. I can bring good communication skills, I am a good listener and I enjoy giving feedback on things said to me. I can bring decent combat skill aswell as experience in arma. I can also bring leadership skills if needed. Can anyone in the Order vouch for you? Paul D, MrDunis, Big-Kev, chef I believe a couple of others that I haven't spoken to yet to ask them if they'll vouch or not.
  7. Epic

    Moved to permanent ban appeals.
  8. Epic

    @Default SkinIf you would like to acquire aluminium and iron, you'd need to head to the scrap yard, pickup scrap metal and then head to the scrap processor and process the scrap metal into different types of metal like aluminium, iron, copper etc. It's random which metal you will get out of it.
  9. Epic

    Amazing work lad, hopefully you'll be back.
  10. Epic

    Closed, as resolved.
  11. Epic

    @TYTGamers_KingUnfortunately the evidence provided is quite insufficient. I'd like to suggest that next time you'd like to report someone, just have the ingame clip of what exactly happened without extra edited music. Also, let this be a warning, please refrain from threatening to report people/get them banned after a situation happened which you aren't satisfied with. Simply ask them to come to ts and try to resolve the situation with them, considering you didn't have teamspeak downloaded at the time, you could've simply said meet up in teamspeak channels in about 5-10 minutes as I download teamspeak. Report Denied.
  12. Epic

    @TYTGamers_KingA couple of things: 1. Please get me another video without the obnoxiously loud music so I am able to hear people speaking ingame. 2. Even if you believe you were RDM'd, do NOT break out of character and tell people they're getting reported/banned, you're not allowed to threaten people in such a way, simply send them a message in chat asking them to hop on teamspeak to try and resolve the issue with them.
  13. Epic

    At the moment there isn't but if you'd like to suggest it, feel free to head to the suggestions sub-forum and make a post about it here: https://www.rebornroleplay.com/forum/34-suggestions/

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