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  2. i keep getting kicked from the server 2 days ago everything was fine but now i keeping getting this error [You were kicked from the server by "Reborn-Bot" (Without valid reasons, we don't allow VPN's on teamspeak. Contact Neo on Discord) i have no vpn in my pc so thats weird.
  3. Mr banjo jo is great guy who always roleplay unlike anyone else, always cool, kind and funny. in his role ithink its fit him so well, he deserve a medal or something that everyone one respect him when they see him in the island.
  4. my point is that they shouldnt comeback after dying for like 5 min or so, and its not about the money its about fun and fair gunfight
  5. @poultsbro iam ok if 10 cops come but after they died they keep coming back, the weapons for cops is free i think so its kinda unfair die and come back after 1 min when the other guys in redzone low of ammo and everything.
  6. i hate that when cops comes to everywhere, today my friends about to controll an area in red zone, cops showed up there they killed a wave of them then they came back with 2 choppers and 1 prowler! thats not fair for small gangs police must not come to redzone in my openion. please think about this.
  7. RebazDeCaesar

    Lord of war

    @cbjo 🚑 thank you so much bro.
  8. RebazDeCaesar

    Lord of war

    i have lord of war licence but i still dont know how to build a minigun for my vehicles so any help will be appreciated :).
  9. He is the best medic in the server right now, always active and very response for any help in anywhere in the island, also a great pilot, from kavala to sofia when you need any help from the NHS don't worry lewis will be there for you.

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