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    In-game name: renec Steam ID: 76561198349918373 Date of ban: 11/05/19 Reason for ban: Exploiting Staff member that banned you: Connor Benson Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I think it was justified but unfair on my part as I didn't know what was going on . I did not intentionally exploit the game what happened was I got downed but at the time on my screen I was still up ( not dead) I shot the people who stormed my house (including the man who supposedly downed me ) . I was confused to what was going on , I thought that my characters animations where just bugged as I have experienced them to do so in the past. I was told by the police after that I should be dead and that I was exploiting . I guess it is fair that I got banned as you cant have people on the server intentionally and maliciously exploiting to ruing everyone else's experience. Why should we unban you? I think I should be unbanned as I did not intentionally exploit the game , I now know what happened was Wrong and I am sorry for what happened and it will not be repeated . There are very few Good Arma Life Servers left and I Love playing on Reborn and I would like to continue to play in the future.

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