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  1. Most MRE's comes with some kind of drink I believe
  2. Item: TRU Qillin Proof of ownership: Buy now price: 1,5 Mil Starting bid: 1 Mil Minimum bid increment: 100k End date: 19.11.2018
  3. +1 Remember him a lot from when I was in cops, and he is really good at RP and is a funny man
  4. Liam Scott


    Yup, as I said, might be useless because we already have so much. Yup
  5. Liam Scott


    I was sitting here one day talking to a old friend of mine I used to play RP with, and then we rememberd a time when the admins started a even, a convoy even which was 2 trucks filled with Gold and it was getting protected by the Police, and the police had hunters and all the good stuff. Thats when I thought it could be fun to have something like that happening every restartr, say 5PM for example the Cnovy starts from like Kavala PD and is going to make its awy up to HM, and the trucks have something valueable such as gold or something maybe it can even change after each restart, like what items is insde, but whatever. So the Police have to protect it from Kavala PD or soemthing over to HM. I can see that this idea might be hard to implement and might be useless as we already got so much else that happens such as Supply drop, aeroplane crash and shipwreck.. pluss yopu already got the HM or APD you can rob/RP or Art Gallery which you can RP. But I still dont see the point of not putting a suggestion on it.
  6. +1 to sea weed and that, but -1 to turtles, because soo many other servers have it, and it is very boring as I have tried it myself many times. Not a fan of this tbh, I dont feel like this would be a good idea as there is a lot of people who are solo on here, and also if you go on during the mornings or the nights to earn money and you want to do that than its gonna be a pain in the ass. EDIT: But I also feel like there should be more things to do with the ocean... In real life the ocean is full of life and etc, so it would be cool if we could get some more use for ir here aswell.
  7. Name: Liam Scott How long have you been on the server: Came here for the first time in 2017, but took a couple of months break and started playing here again about 3 or 4 months ago now. Have you been banned? if so why? A 24 hour ban for trolling, which I am not proud off.... Why do you want to join the 5th Order? I want to join 5th because I know it is an experienced gang and they are good at combat and RP, which is what I am looking at and pluss you are not too many members which is perfect for what I am looking for. What do you bring to the Order? I have 1.7k hours in Arma and they are all in RP so I have good RP, and aswell I am good at flying and combat, but I suck at driving tho I also know how to keep comms and etc Can anyone in the Order vouch for you? no
  8. Liam Scott


    ye nearly 2k hours, and ???
  9. Different reasons, if you really want to know PM me

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