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  1. Liam Scott

    Thank you boys
  2. Young Bloods Requirments - 200 hours in arma - 1.5 mil - 14 years old - must be active - Decent coms - Rebel license - Decent understanding of Arma Application format in-game name: bank balance: age: Date of birth: Hours in arma: Do you have rebel liscence: How active are you: Back ground story Young Bloods have been a gang for a while but not on Reborn, we came originally from PhoenixRP but decided to quit and join Reborn.
  3. Liam Scott

    Not active, making a new gang.
  4. Liam Scott

    In-game name: Roger Skate Steam ID: 76561198173961693 Date of ban: 05/26/2018 Staff member that banned you: Fuel Reason for ban: Troll Why do you think you were banned: Because the police was arresting someone and i was walking arouind them and in their crime scene Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: not 100% sure, but i do not think it was trolling and it was dsirupting crime scene or something like that. If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: If it was trolling, the i am really sorry and i did not think it was troll and if i knew it was troll i would never do it and pluss, when i was there the police officers told to leave and that it i was disrupting a crime scene. And yet again if it was trolling i am sorry but i do not think it was trolling. Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: dont think so Please confirm you’ve read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes
  5. Liam Scott

    Nova Delta We are Nova Delta and we want some new members, as we want to become a small community off NON toxic players. Recuirments - Atleast 400 hours - Atleast 15 years old -Atleast 600k in bank - Must have Discord Application form In-game name: Age: Bank amount: Hours: Have you ever been in a another gang?: Have you ever been banned? (if yes, why?): What can you bring to Nova Delta?:
  6. Liam Scott

    Nova Delta Nova Delta is a excperienced gang that have high RolePlay skills and combat skills. Information We in Nova Delta is a gang who has been on many islands, and we ALWAYS use discord. Our goal on Reborn is to be a gang who is not like the other big gangs, we want to be nice and always want to help other people even if you are in Nova Delta or not. Even tho we are nice it does not mean we are not doing illegal stuff, we will still work on things like robbing the bank and the art gallery. Nova Delta currently only has players from Europe but would love to have people from other continents. Requirments - minimum 400 hours in Arma - minimum 15 years old - minimum 1 mil in bank account - MUST be active - MUST know all the rules for Reborn Roleplay Application format In-Game name: Age: Hours: Do you speak fluent english? About you: Have you ever had any bans on Reborn? Why do you want to join Nova Delta? What can you bring to Nova Delta? have you ever been in any faction on Reborn? (police, NHS or Camorra)
  7. Liam Scott

    Ben Johnson

  8. Liam Scott

    Ben Johnson

  9. Liam Scott

  10. Liam Scott

    Please make it so you can go to the black market or something and buy a scalpel and then if we kidnapp someone you can cut out their kidney and sell it on the black market or somewhere.
  11. Liam Scott

    Please make it possible to escape from prison. It would be much more fun if you could escape from prison.
  12. Liam Scott

    -Nova Delta- Nova Delta is a Gang with a few members, and like to play seriously. -Requirments- - Atleast 500 hours in Arma - Must know all the rules on reborn - Atleast 15 years old - Must speak fluent English - Must be active ( atlleast online 4 days in a week) - Must have atleast 1 mil in your bank in-game - Must be excperienced in shooting and driving - Must have discord IF YOU ARE FOUND TO LIE ABOUT ANY OF THESE THINGS YOU WILL BE KICKED FROM THE GANG WITHOUT WARNING -Goals- - Become one off the biggest and best groups on Reborn *Application form* In-game name: Age: Hours: Bank amount: Can speak fluent english: Do you know all the rules on Reborn: Any previous gangs? (if yes, which) Any previous bans? (if yes, why) Are you in any faction? (police,NHS or Camora) Why do you want to join Nova Delta? What can you bring to Nova Delta? We are Nova Delta, we do not forgive, we do not forget.
  13. Liam Scott

    Ben Johnson

  14. Liam Scott

    Ben Johnson

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