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  1. Application accepted, invite to gang discord has been sent on your Discord PM
  2. Accepted for a strict trial, I have sent you a friend request on Discord.
  3. Updated some requirements, and new requirements
  4. Yes, this is clearly not our fault. it is their problem that the initation was not heard. We did nothing wrong and they lost the money, life is hard.
  5. Matt Sniffer is currently not at his PC. But we have already spoken to him about the situation and we have all agreed on that there is no reason for us to comp as no rule were broken.
  6. And also when that BW member could hear it that far away, then the guy next to the White hemtt heard it better. I dont think we should comp for this as we did nthing wrong and keep in mind it was not BW we initated on. I think we did nothing wrong and there is no need for compensation here.
  7. If the trucks were off and people had their eraplugs in and were not talking like headless chickens everyone would hear it. But the clip that BW uploaded you can hear the initiaiton at 10 seconds in, right after the BW member is done talking to the guy and he runs back to his heli you hear the initiation. I guess this report is closed now.

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