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  1. Lets try to get back to this gaming thing

    1. PeachMaster


      I think you should :) We miss you! 

    2. WolfE


      What is this 'gaming' that you speak of?

  2. Vlad Vagin

    good shiet
  3. Vlad Vagin

    Back to the REAL HM! The domes, thats were it belong
  4. Damn forum so sexy now

  5. feliz cumpleaños tio!

    Eat some cake and get fat, then come back and play computer games woop

  6. Vlad Vagin

    Ohh the one session gang Good names, would be nice to see u active boys gl
  7. Take 3

    08:05  Out for delivery
  8. Vlad Vagin

    @John so cute u are 1:22
  9. Got to love amazon prime..... 4/5 times they have "problems in delivery" so you dont get it within 24 hours. What a scam

    1. 𝕎𝕒𝕝𝕥


      Fairly sure if you complain they will compensate you...I remember someone saying they got x months extension because stuff wasn't arriving on time

    2. Vlad Vagin

      Vlad Vagin

      Yeah, ive sent in a complain, but the Spanish people always find a excuse so its no their foult.....

      Lets hope it brings fruits this time

    3. 𝕎𝕒𝕝𝕥
  10. Vlad Vagin

    I think the problem came when we suddely were gonna invent the "gunpowder" again... We had something that was working, people had a lot of fun. And with some recent changes its easy to see that some of the players were not to happy with some of the rule changes and other actions that have been done. I strongly agree in having a community, so the community and players can be heard again, so staff and management can get to know what they have to do to satisfy the players here. I think its important to remember what made this community good in the first place
  11. Vlad Vagin

    @Fury yeah maaan 0:15 maaaan whats that maaaan
  12. Vlad Vagin

    Myyyy boooooy Sammy sam sam the Legend
  13. Vlad Vagin

    Hello, I quote you " Why do you think you were banned: Im not sure because i dont know what NLR is " So this unban appeal is denied untill you have read the rules and know what NLR is. Post a new when u know the rules https://www.rebornroleplay.com/rules/server-rules/

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