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  1. Jacobob

    Replace that with a splint or maybe crutches or fix them poor broken legs
  2. Jacobob

    Hey guys, Becasue some times medics can take some time reaching patients are simply cant attend the scene if there is an active gun fight maybe add in a feature where you can donate blood to another player? Let me explain, If someone gets injured and they have that red bar across to make it more realistic a player/friend can give them a blood transfusion to the downed person to give them more time, By doing this say the donator was on 100% health becasue he donated some blood he should go down to like 95/90%. In order for the feature maybe add in a "Blood Transfusion Kit" to the market for say £15k. They must be 2/3M from the target with no players in a 5m Radius to make this effective maybe? Just an idea let me know
  3. Jacobob

    If i'm honest with you mate i don't have anything installed, In game these sounds are normal however the final edited version sound different no idea why though lol
  4. Jacobob

    Hey guys, I have had my youtube channel some time now however being active again and making some videos from playing on the server, If you do like them and want to see more then sub to my channel but only if u actually like the content, Thank you Ep1 https://youtu.be/s2ayODJTLys
  5. Jacobob

    Thank you @Pixie Garfunkel Was fun Rp'ing with you
  6. Jacobob

    its now working. thank you
  7. Jacobob

    For some reason its working off your suggestions thank you for the help
  8. Jacobob

    And leave it unticked?
  9. Jacobob

    I may be wrong in saying this but personally i feel the rules should go more in depth about what is classed as Poor RP/RDM as they are vague and can cause confusion. Because some admins have said he hasn't threatened your life therefore you cannot shoot them however in the rules there is nothing about that mentioned. The RDM rule states "RDM is when someone kills another without any form of roleplay, ie someone shoots someone without a single word said." This basically means that in order for it not to be classed as RDM you can ask them how there day is going then shoot them for no reason and it would not be RDM but would be Poor RP. What would and wouldn't make it poor RP?
  10. Jacobob

    Show notifications is enabled (Has the box filled with a white square)
  11. Jacobob

    Hey guys i was wandering if someone could help me solve a problem im having, I dont seem to be reviving notifications like if someone gave me money or if someone got robbed on the phone the box it white under show notifcations so i have no idea whats wrong anyone got any ideas? Thanks Jacobob
  12. Jacobob

    Amen to that!
  13. Jacobob

    If they are passengers or part of the same gang you know there are "Give keys to passengers" and "give keys to friends" options? Just saying those quotes are not exact but rough to what they say lol
  14. Jacobob

    they hide everything apart from the forehead now im not sure what expert you are but i for one can not recognise someone by their forehead?
  15. Jacobob

    What about the mask with the aviator classes and the bandana? your face then is pretty much coverd?

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