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  1. Jacobob

    So i ended up in this situation and tbh I found it hilarious , thanks to giraffe and griggs.
  2. Jacobob

    If you steal the funds u should not be lvl4 (Should be a trusted position)
  3. Jacobob

    For gang members in the gang can you make it so when you're promoted to level 4 they have access to be able to withdraw gang funds instead of just Gang leaders?
  4. Jacobob

    I think what he's saying is when you press windows key a menu comes up with "Medical tablet" and "Repair object" select whichever one and both gets you to where you want to go.
  5. Jacobob

    Idm the repairing but not have it set to windows key, not the best keybind.
  6. Jacobob

    IS it possible to remove/change the way medic repairs items because having it set to the same button to revive someone isn't the best, reason for this instead of reviving someone I end up getting a tree back to life and then unable to cancel the repair, therefore, taking 3x as long because I then get the other tree up? cheers
  7. Jacobob

    Prebuilt then PCSPECIALIST
  8. Jacobob

    Medics are having a new overhaul today so each rank is more interesting personally join the medics then one other faction like Medics + Police, Medics + Outwater and Medics + Rebel. Have a play around with different factions and see how it goes.
  9. Jacobob

    On some other servers if you click to join the game through a friend on steam and the server is full it asks if you want to auto join when there's a space however you can't do that on this server not sure why assuming they have disabled it, no idea.
  10. Jacobob

    Is it possible to add a queuing system onto the server to help people get into the game considering on weekends it's very hard to get in and instead of whose the quickest spammer it goes into a queue?
  11. Jacobob

    Still missing that page 3 model...
  12. once you start doing them you cant stop just actually starting which is the hardest part
  13. Nice setup but dude clean them cables up....
  14. Jacobob

    Move to Plays.tv a lot better and just remove the watermark in the settings - I use Plays.tv and its amazing for clips without always having to upload to youtube takes seconds
  15. Jacobob

    In-game name: Jacobob Name of the player(s) you are reporting: 13542 Date of the incident: 11/10/18 Time of the incident: 19:40 What rule do you believe was broken: VDM, Poor RP, Toxcity Any evidence available: https://plays.tv/video/5be739c4e134f4684c/13542-poor-rp-toxcity-vdm Describe the incident: Went to go back Constable temple the guy told temple to tell me to fuck off, He was wanted so temple asked for hands-on the head he fled as a AAA member rammed our vehicle then ran me and temple over before fleeing, tries to ram us then VDM'd temple explosion then broke RP refused to come to ts Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes

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