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  1. Marcus


    In-game name: Marcus Steam ID: 76561198321860528 Date of ban: 04/26/19 Reason for ban: Stealing Files Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Yes because no files were stolen and I had no intentions of stealing files. Secondly, I have not been on the dev server since 2017 and Had 4 new hard drives since then. Finally, I don't even know how to steal files. Why should we unban you? Because I have played on this server for 3 years and would not want to hurt its infrastructure it is built on or it's player base which plays on it. I have put 2000+ hours into this server and support of Its players and I believe that I have not done anything to deserve this ban. I love this server and would like to continue playing here as before.
  2. I'll buy the suppressors of you
  3. Vortex Definitely, always robbing your stuff when you are on the ground from a car crash or trying to initiate on you at every second of the day.
  4. where's my Huron at lol
  5. I'll buy it off you for 60k but that is as high as I can go, Flashbangs are not worth anything like you valued it for.
  6. Marcus

    Marcus Report

    Sorry, I watched the video and I did not notice I was restrained. Come to TS and We will resolve it. PaulS told me I goofed up. It's kind of a meh, If I wasn't handcuffed then I could.
  7. 7ffcadd669da12a36e3f4be6fdcbed80.png

    I guess no pizza xD๐Ÿ•

  8. Yes! love these type of events
  9. Marcus

    Revive System

    would take a lot of time to make not going to lie, and could be too in depth maybe.
  10. @DanielNo, Please close it.

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