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      awww wish I was there left just before

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      Was great fun yesterday!

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      Special training i must say!

  1. I haven't tried other games but it happens on different servers too. I have verified game cache cleared junk and restarted I will try the page file now I think it has reset itself idk
  2. I use the basic perameters: My C- Drive is a 2TB HDD with 16GB of intel Optane memory I Am using 64 bit arma And I updated my graphics drivers 3 days ago but this has just started happening.
  3. @Scott McTavish wow I have 24gb of VRAM how do I change it?
  4. Recently, my game constantly uses too much memory like 3 times over, it then comes up with a crash message saying "Not enough memory" or something along them lines. I have 8GB of ram and this has only recently happened. I usually either allocate 6144MB of ram or just let arma micromanage it. this is what is in the error report: I am using 24GB of ram on Arma even though I have 6 dedicated to Arma. Help please this happens as soon as I load into Kavala
  5. Marcus

    3.5 mill
  6. Marcus

    2 mill for cyrus
  7. Marcus

    Welcome, hope you enjoy your time here
  8. Marcus

  9. Marcus

    Im getting roasted for that
  10. Marcus

    The medics are going through major changes right now after wednesday or the end of this week it should pick up dont worry
  11. Marcus

    These are just ideas btw
  12. Marcus

    *speed camera and only in kav square to stop people going down kav road at 10000000 mph its not that strict, I would not agree with them anywhere else
  13. Marcus

    It was meant to say just inside GZ not outside as Kavala is meant to be a roleplay area and when cops run around with 6.5mm on their back / in their hand it deters people from roleplaying to the cops.

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