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    1. we give the accused time to repsond
    2. Charlie.


      COMPENSATION REQUEST DENIED You could have easily gone around that, so this is down to user error and we will not compensate for user error
    3. Charlie.


      COMPENSATION REQUEST ACCEPTED To accept your compensation in-game please navigate to: Y> App Menu > Settings > Compensation
    4. PLAYER REPORT ACCEPTED since its their first offence, i'll issuse a warning this time, in futture give the officers more space or just move the var away, any more of this will result in a ban been issued
    5. PLAYER REPORT DENIED we discussed this with the rest of the staff and we have concluded that all he did was spin around but we understand that it does look like DPI from this POV, no futher action will be taken at this time
    6. ive posted this to the other staff and we have a look and come to a consensus
    7. can i get a video from you please, however this is look like another clear case of DPI, you better have a good explanation for this as you been told off for this last time
    8. Charlie.


      COMPENSATION REQUEST DENIED please use the correct format when posting a compensation request
    9. Charlie.

      Peter Report

      well it is care to come to TS and we talk about it PLAYER REPORT DENIED Resolved in TS, however a note will be made on both of you accounts for breakage of rule 1.7
    10. Charlie.

      Peter Report

      @Peter C you had no right to take his car, you was in an accident with him and broke this rule, you should have let him repair: 1.7 Traffic CollisionsIf you are involved in a road traffic accident with another car, you are not permitted to rob/kill/arrest each other, this extends to gang members/other police, you can not get 1 cop/gang member to “accidentally” hit a car then another arrests/rob them. (repair continue the chase). also @Knasen care to explain why you shot?
    11. the first VDM will be dismissed on ali G as there was a car in his lane and he was trying to avoid a head on collision which in turn runs into you all, so that's not his fault there nor was intentional, however the second VDM was caused by a person called rob (68808) abd what he did was blatant and i will give him time to come forward
    12. PLAYER REPORT ACCEPTED Warning issued for VDM ( troll) anymore of this will result in a ban
    13. Charlie.

      Peter Report

      @Peter C care to explain you actions?
    14. Charlie.


      BAN APPEAL DENIED 1 month bans are non appealable till 7 days have passed, you may reapply again on the 1st of November
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