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  1. no responce to all parties i shall proceed you friend clearly said they indicated and returned fire, they must of heard them initiate to do these actions so on this basis i will be denying this
  2. well that the rules im sorry, if someone doesn't hear you then how are they suppose to comply to you demands? and i really dont want to ban you over something rather small when all you have to do is compensate someone and given what he look, it wont be much, i think you blowing it out of portion to go out of the way to not play here over something as small as this
  3. He clearly not heard in the video so yes it is you fault and you need to accept it as I’ve pointed out many times so I’m going to give you one final opportunity to compensate or I’ll just proceed
  4. But in his clip he clearly doesn’t hear you at all and for the indication to be valid they must be heard on their side so therefore you must compensate or I shall proceed with the report
  5. ive seen both videos and because the inication wasnt heard on @John Jacksonthis is classifed as RDM, so @Eef Tygoyou need to compensate him as that look like a mike problem on you end
  6. i'll be looking into this report
  7. @M-FaisaLcan i get a video from you POV then please
  8. i shall close the report, but if this hasn't been resolved correctly then i shall take appropriate action
  9. Charlie.

    79799 Report

    closed as requested
  10. @Matt59and @Mike Wazowskilet me know when this has been sorted
  11. this is true and he shall be warned about this and a note will be made on his account, but you have to understand that from his perspective that you just shot him with insufficient time to comply you would be upset too if in the same position and that's why I'm saying you have to compensate him as if you gave him enough time to comply then this reaction would never have happened
  12. this was clearly an active gunfight, you really should have left when you hear shots and valued your life, but @jonathanbwas you did was a clear exploit, as you were clearly down on the ground incapacitated from the fight with the police, saw him come to body knowing he was going to strip him and you exploited to prevent this and you could have done this to the officer in this situation too, you can explain yourself to management in 3 months time Perm Ban issued for exploiting
  13. @Ravoyou are indeed correct this is not RDM, BUT you only gave him a second to comply once you indicated and you instantly started to shoot him, under the poor RP you must give them time to comply of which to you didn't, so, therefore, you have broken this rule you have 24 hours to sort compensation out before I proceed with the report
  14. Charlie.


    you claiming you got revived, so I need proof of this, also you claim the server restarted too, but you claim it to be 21:00 so it some of you claim doesnt make any sence
  15. I’ll be looking into the report

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