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  1. Charlie.

    .45 Report

    I do agree to you had plenty of time.to.sort.this, you have until 7pm or i shall be moving forward with this report
  2. Charlie.


    So you clearly not many effort from.you.first appeal Also I disagree here, doing multiple account of VDM is not funny even if you think it's for a joke when you could clearly see here that he had no vehicles and they were not lighting at this and that even giving a suppressor is no excuse to break rules and thinking you can get away with it Given that you only just got unbanned not long ago I feel.you havent learned you lesson so you will be sitting out this ban Denied
  3. the issuse im seeing there is that when you get there, the ifirit was allready in the water, and from that angle doesnt show anyone neart it other than the person in the water, do you have his POV
  4. Charlie.

    .45 Report

    That video doesn't prove they cut you ifrit, all that showed was you breaking a rule and NLR back to the situation to the ifrit (I'll.let that slip this time)
  5. I shall give him time to.respond
  6. You should be really making an effort to resolve issues with people I shall give them time.to.respond
  7. Charlie.

    .45 Report

    As stated above the RDM.is blatant andnyounwill.be compensated for you gear but I need solid proof that they took you ifrit as for all I know they could be telling the truth and someone found you ifrit and cut it but yet they could have done so and not be speaking the truth , so without this proof I cannot include this to you losses
  8. Charlie.

    .45 Report

    Issue been that not solid proof they took the ifrit as they could have but yet another person could have
  9. Accepted Perm ban issued for exploiting put a compensation request for anything you lost
  10. Charlie.

    .45 Report

    Since I've had not responce for a video in relation to the ifrit can you arrange compensation for the gear please
  11. Charlie.

    .45 Report

    Can i get a video off you @bigdevvof.you POV and what you did afterwards
  12. Charlie.

    .45 Report

    Same for you I want proof you did not cut the ifrit as you gyazo looked very much like you was trying to get I to it
  13. Charlie.

    93691 Report

    In all fairness that could have been avoided if you had locked you car but we keep.aneyes for him all the same Closed
  14. Charlie.

    Ryan Report

    we reviewed the footage and ive also sent this to other admins here and here what we think the indication was fine there is no issues here, however you caused the hatchback sport to flip with that spike strip causing the car to glitch, we appreciate he should have gotten out of the car but given how the car was on the house and bacuse you stop it, i can see to why he stayed to prevent it from glitching further, what should have been done at this point is to call an admin to help get this resolved, and restart the roleplay again and let him go from the police behalf Ryan you clear combat logged from this situation, but it clear it because of the frustration of the situation to why you done it, i have this clarified they are allowed to taser inicate o you proving they pull you out of the car first of which he said so, but it still doesnt give you the right to log even if it was out of fustration on this instance you both are in wrong in the actions here, i will be declining this report and both of you move foward from this closed

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