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  1. Charlie.


    denied the pilot got banned for leaking IPs in you vehicle chat, we will not compensate you for his stupidity
  2. Charlie.


    i need a video with sound, gyazo is NOT vallid proof of evidence as stated here:
  3. denied we do not do refund, as McTavish said it is a bug and you need to report it
  4. im very confused here you asking for 420k for 1 jew and loads of rocks, and i do not see this bug you seeing here?
  5. @Lightning can you confirm this
  6. Charlie.


    denied this coul have been avoided as you could have easily took a ride in the helicopter
  7. need proof you did not get revived by the medic please
  8. denied 1 day bans are non appealable
  9. Charlie.


    can i get this in video form, the gyazo is not vallid evidence
  10. Charlie.

    Comp Request

    denied you need to follow this format for a compensation request, feel free to resubmit using this format https://www.rebornroleplay.com/forms/6-compensation-request/
  11. both myself and wanderer have investigate the matter and we come to the following: on one hand we both agree that there is sufficient ground here that the inaction is poor from the police, we both tested .ronoc mic and it does to be on the quiet which would understand to why you may have not heard his inaction, he has been advised to get this raised the volume level to make himself more heard. however we also both agree that we think that you messed with you VON here which again would hinder you ability to hear other people in game, which could have attributed towards you not hearing .ronoc indication as one video is really quiet when you talking to people in game and yet the other video you too loud to hear other in game too with that been said, under the advisement of the staff leads, this has left me with no choice but to revert my decision here and i will have to deny this report due to insufficient evidence, based on what i said above it wouldn't be right for the police to compensate if you potentially altered you sound settings however we also acknowledged that is mic was not the best and could have been better please note that you will NOT be eligible for make a compensation request and if you are not happy with this decision, feel free to contact wanderer the staff lead with you concerns
  12. i've spoken to both ryans and wonderer, they assisiting me in the matter we need another POV from another member of the gang at the situation As stated by connor he claimed you VON is turned down so of course it my duty to investigate the claim, I've shown the video to multiple staff including 2 staff leads of which wanderer in his own opinion has agreed ed there is sufficient clause to prove you VON is turned down hence why we need a POV from you to prove you VON was not down as he stated as you audio is quiet however other staff do also agree ( trident to be specifc as well as me ) they is also clause for this to be a rulebreak here too as i inically thought , but alas both staff leads have advised me that if we cannot prove this then i will have no choice but to revert the desion i've made and deny this report as this could be either or, unless you can prove you VON was not turned down
  13. in this instance it is the police fault if you watch their video from the start, how could they have robbed rob the area 51 as there was not enough officers on to start it, i would be more inclined to agree if there where actually robbing the area 51, however they gave up and at 3:45 something was said and at 3:46 police instantly shot them, this is not up for augment the initiation is not audible nor enough time was given as stated a clear case of poor RP from the police and lack of communication, so therefore they need to be compensated for their gear so i'll give you time to sort this
  14. denied for this to be classified as no value of life on the officer he must be outnumber 3 to 1, in you video and his yes there is 4 of them in the car but only 2 of you got out to initiate and the other stayed in the car ( so its 2 vs1 as he does not know if the others in the car as apart of the same gang), the officer had his gun out and lowered and was well in their right to defend themselves so he valued his life and shot you down as he told you multiple times to leave, in future if you want the officer to comply you need to have that person out and pasitptae and viable for the officer to see
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