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  1. Charlie.


    Accepted Report actioned and I shall award you compensation when I get home later
  2. Charlie.

    crazy scott [TFU]

    denied you need to report them first as this look like you got killed from a rulbreak
  3. Charlie.


    ON HOLD need to wait for the outcome of the report before compensation is awarded
  4. im not going to waste my time with this report since it clear you got going to willing to resolve and want to act like children, so i shall proceed DK-LittleSmokes will receive a 24 ban for toxicity - you dont call people in game "<inappropriate1>ed children" wont be tolerated, you in a whistled faction and you should act more professionally, this report will be forward onto backwater command and you may face further punishment ad jarhgost will recivie a 48 hour ban for 1.7 RTC, you had an accident with that black car and instantly shot at it, this is not allowed, you of all people should have know better, we wont be keep giving you chance after chance... both of you learn from this and act more mature to one and other actioned
  5. Charlie.


    I'm.going to make it clear to.pentgrass gang, I see any shit posting here then you receive warning points, they are here to recruit for people to for you to bring them down so leave them alone
  6. this is been looked into
  7. Denied The helicopter was clearly alt +1 and they didnt comply so he had the right to shoot it, then you shot back at him so there no RDM here, the helicopter pilot should have paid more attention You compensation request will also be denied
  8. ON HOLD since im dealing with the report, this will be put on hold untill its concluded
  9. can i get a POV from the Hyron pilot Please @Christoi just to make sure he was not Alt ! also i will give @Tommy Ctime to explain and get a POV from you too please

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