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  1. Charlie.

    85408 Report

    Accepted You clearly complied with their demands and kept their hands up sona ban will be used for poor RP Put up a compensation request for anything you lost, I'll.gwt someone to action this as I'm in work
  2. Charlie.


    This will be reviewed when get home tonight
  3. Proved to perm ban appeal as this is a discord ban
  4. denied you was in an active sit with a bank and got shot by the police
  5. Charlie.


    denied timed out
  6. Denied ive consulted with other staff members and they confirmed that this was caused by server lag not them lag switching
  7. Charlie.

    85408 Report

    @westycan i get 3 minutes before this incident
  8. Charlie.

    BNY Report

    Can I get 5 minutes before hand @Peter C
  9. I want to note that because MK is a member of the reborn staff team this cannot be delt with by admins so please wait patiently for management and they will respond accordingly (and they have been notified of this report)
  10. Charlie.


    Denied 1 month bans are only appealable once a week has been served you may appeal again on the 25th
  11. Charlie.

    BNY Report

    I'll give the accused time to respond @Browny
  12. Charlie.


    PM me the video
  13. Charlie.


    denied gyazo is not valid proof of evidence, we need a video with sound

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