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  1. moved to perm ban appeals
  2. i'll be looking into the report
  3. nether the less the videos clearly show you been restraints by the gang and the 15 minute timer was not even up, you clearly exploited into the helicopter to get away as you was clearly cuffed, even with the lapse of them going to the map ( 3 seconds), that wont be enough time for even that medic to pick-lock you out and from the reaction you friend gave, you clearly know what you was doing and given you ban history i thought you gone pas this sort of behavior, you can explain youself to management in 3 months time perm ban issued for exploiting
  4. well can i get a video to prove this, as you was clearly in restraints before the medic and then suddently you in a helicopter flying away,
  5. report closed compensation has been sorted
  6. moved to perm ban appeal
  7. @Shadow_ i need a longer video, i can see something in the sidechat that i would like to look at
  8. Charlie.


    Denied you got picked up and then you friend decided to shoot you, we dont compensate for you mucking around, i would ask you friend who shot you to compensate you
  9. @Ravotell me how much you need compensated and PM me you steamID i'll sort the transfer as requested
  10. @Ryan Bradfordsince im aware Tactical Venom cannot reply to this, can you inform him that you didn't give him enough time to comply with you instructions and he done is poor RP and he got 24 hour to compensate him before i proceeed with the report
  11. Comp transferred through admin panel
  12. i'll be looking into this
  13. @RKSmokehas compensation been given?
  14. I’ll be looking into this report

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