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  1. denied at the start of you video, they visually inictaed on you, you complied and then told you you have backup on the way, they had a good reason to shoot you here in my opinion
  2. i'll give the accused time to repsond
  3. Charlie.

    Haha Report

    closed sorted on TS
  4. Charlie.

    Haha Report

  5. Charlie.

    Haha Report

    i'll be looking into this report
  6. Blackwater Complaint Blackwater Command has reviewed this complain with the following response: Both myself and Jayyy have agreeded that because a server rulebeak has occoured here it wouldn't be fair us to.deal with it internally as it's not our jurisdiction to do so as no Blackwater rules have been broken So on that basis we will be handing this over to reborn staff to deal with this and will continue this as a normal player report, however in the intrest of fairness i shall not be dealing with it from an server perspective but we will monitor the report and may take action if appropriate Moved to player report Kind Regards, General Charlie
  7. BlackWater ComplaintBlackWater Command will review your complaint and respond within 24-48Hours. This will give @SammyKnight sufficient time to make their deference and to explain from their POVs can you provide any evidence of resolving afterwards if applicable also @Kev. can i I get 3 minutes prior to this and possibly 5 minutes after so we can get a full scope of this bank situation Kind Regards,General Charlie
  8. Charlie.

    jared Report

    denied insufficient evidence
  9. Charlie.

    jared Report

    you video has no sound @kmann8657 also need proof you was inicated on him ( aka alt ) and shot to be combat
  10. Charlie.


    moved to perm ban appeal
  11. If he can prove the truck was his them you will be also compensating 66% of the value of the weed (since you was at the processor) @MegaMind11 you are not entitled to the full amount as we only award this of you was at a dealer
  12. Does not matter what you want, as I stated in my previous comment you broken the rule of RDM as the footage is clear, does not matter if you find it fair or not, you need to accept that you broken a rule and need to compensate for this It's not their responsibility to provide footage on you behalf as you the one been reported and you or anyone of you gang who was there are responcable to provide you own footage to defend youself of which you have not provided any Also I'm instructing him NOT to add you on steam as all comments are to be made in this report As stated you have 24 hours to sort this or I will be going forward with the report
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