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  1. @Monkcan you arrange with @JAWcompensation please
  2. @Jamboyou indication wasn't heard so that's a clear case of RDM and even if the indication was heard you opened fire a second after you decamped with is clearly not enough time to comply so that also Poor RP and you of all peopl;e been the exsperience player should have known this , you need to compensate for 66% of the run and any gear that he lost
  3. accepted ban issused for RDM, put up a compensation request for anything you lost
  4. i'll give the accused time to respond
  5. this is a perm ban bud so i'll forward this on as it will have to be delt with by management moved to perm ban appeal
  6. @JAWthey did as instructed and complied so yes you need to compensate them as its RDM
  7. @Dropcan you link his forum account please
  8. to go forward i've reviewed all of the footage, although there where 3 of them during the incident its clear that only donald trump was the only one who commuted any offences so therefore he has received a 1 month ban for multiple counts of rule break 7.10 and the one case of RDM, you clearly have to regards of our rules was very lucky for me not to perm ban you here in this instance, you can appeal this in a weeks time @Smiddy[T]and @Alex Supremeyou not going to get away with it that easily either alex you will receive a verbal warning also for rule break 7,10 here too, just because there where doing to you, doesn't give you the right to log off as NHS and come back as a civilian to try and destroy the hunter and been a medic yourself you should have known better , the rule is there to protect you whilst you are performing you duties, you should always contact a admin as we always got one in game who can get the matter delt with in the correct manner smitty you also be given a verbal warning here too, some of these videos, you was clearly egging them on and "shit talking them" so to speak which isn't professional behavior to have as a member of the NHS, if you been shot or someone has been shot it, and this also applies to alex too, you booth need to leave the area as its considered an active situation, you did the right thing but not reviving them but you shouldn't have hanged around because you was on as medics during this and you also done wrong i'll tag @bensiand @Oliver Calvertto make them aware of this, and may inccour ( but not limited to) futher action been taken from a NHS perspective actioned
  9. Charlie.


    denied as said above, you front rotor blade hit the pole in front, so thats you own fault there
  10. moved back to gang recrutment, good luck!
  11. Charlie.


    this has been look into by Bassie from management and he confirmed the error in the transaction 5,100,000 compensated

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