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  1. Charlie Thomas

  2. Charlie Thomas

    you need proof of ownership or this auction isn't valid, please read the rules
  3. Charlie Thomas

    you need to put up proof of ownership or this auction is not valid, check the this post here
  4. In-game name: posting on behalf Xero (in game and Forum Ban) Steam ID: 76561198156387432 (Steam ID) https://www.rebornroleplay.com/profile/1185-xero/ (Forum Profile) Date of ban: 12/03/18 Reason for ban: Hacking Staff member that banned you: Unknown Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: -ALL BELOW WAS WRITTEN BY Xero AND POSTING ON HIS BEHALF- Yes, I was messaging a guy from the server on snap, and decided to have a laugh with him but he didnt wanna, just wanted to try get some nice cheeky evidence of me 'hacking' or 'admitting to hacking' to get me banned. There was no proof of me hacking because it was the first time in ages that I had logged onto the server and wanted to play. I did nothing wrong in game at the time because I was buying a gun Why should we unban you? I think I should be unbanned because I havn't been around for a while and havnt really bothered with PC. I want to come back and start back on the server I had very first came to. I always played when I was into PC alot more, I believe my ban was unfair and unnecessary as I wasnt using any sort of scripts or out of game softwares to gain an advantage. I'm sorry for my past on the server from breaking rules to being a pr**k, I'm asking for another chance to prove the staff team wrong and have fun while trying to make everyone else have a good time, I also believe I could put my skills to use & help out with issues, Im also personally sorry to fuel & Neo for my actions while paying here
  5. Charlie Thomas

    I have to agree here on the -1 it’s. It not really needed as if you incapacitated, you don’t see much though you blurred vision untill you get revived so why would you want to take someone radio too when they in that state also I’m pretty sure that you not even suppose to speak when you incapacitated Unless it’s to a medic
  6. Charlie Thomas

    They did come to support Paul as I was the one dealing with them both (callum and his friend where not in attendance), this isn’t the first time Callum has done this to them Paul as it happened to them in a previous situation at the kavala quarry where they did come and resolve and talk about it the other day (I have that video somewhere if needed) and they feel that he hasn’t learned his lesson and I have to agree them as explained to them in this previous situation they need to initiate and not just shoot and they choose to accept compensation at that time hopefully Callum learned his lession but clearly he hasn’t in my opinion
  7. Charlie Thomas

    -1 have to agree it will drop the server fps, as much as I want to see different weathers in the game for a bit more variety, I rather play on a server that is fps optimised with just one type of weather
  8. Charlie Thomas

    Can we get proof of ownership added so people know you actually own one
  9. Charlie Thomas

    Good luck
  10. Charlie Thomas

    AND SOLD @Bob RedIÔÇÖll be on after 9pm as IÔÇÖve got NHS meetings and IÔÇÖll be in game after then also in work till 8pm ish
  11. Charlie Thomas

    we see how it goes
  12. Charlie Thomas

    @Bob Redyou need to bid higher as @09jaydid that bid and is the currently winning
  13. Charlie Thomas

    LAST CHANCE TO GET A CHEAP STRIDER, if i dont get anymore takers in the next couple of hours @Bob Redi'll do the deal tonight
  14. Charlie Thomas

    +1 this makes sence to able to refuel somewhere

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