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  1. Happy Birthday Bud:)

  2. Charlie Thomas

    I was the community support dealing in the resolving part so I shall make a comment this Came in 2 parts, first part been the videos in this report was in a smaller section where it only showed what happens in agios where my opinion at the time was that @Mc Milleradmitted to attempted VDM and had apologised for it and tomestone shot back based on this (admin Daniel clarified that they had the right to defend them self’s) and I had originally said myself that it wasn’t combat store based on the this evidence tomestone cake back a further later unhappy with my opinion and requested another support l, this was also clarified as it turned out that tomestone only presented half the evidence to me on which they presented the full evidence where tomestone went to the gold trader to combat zenith for the gold on which someone was fired upon as I recognised @reaper voice I believe theybhwere one been fired upon (without further evidence I cant say for sure) i will say based on my opinion and the evidence presented at the time the heli was low on multiple times to where zenith would have noticed it at the gold trader and also the fact that when the hunter was next to the ATM they fired upon the helicopter causing damage and then when the helicopter followed it to the chop shop they fired again l, they heli followed it all the way down to agios (they listed eyes for about 30 at one point) on which the hunter vanished at the carriage and a quilin then comes out and based on this new evidence I saw and the act of agression from who was in the hunter I would say in my opinion that they combat stored any money as if there was no money then why drive to the ATM and fire on the helicopter stored the hunter as I believed the helicopter was low enough for them to see it also the fact they shot at it multiple times
  3. Charlie Thomas

    -1 i agree with flix, they hard to push, people will just go there for a a flight all of the time, they can be penetrated with nothing less than 7.62mm and it will just be pretty much a camp fest for gangs to go just to make frag movies and was one of the reason to why it was completely changed as it happened all of the time back int he days of camorra have to agree with K-V they fine the way they are, gives both sides equal chance to fight it out properly, also im also pretty sure this has been suggested in the past back int he days of camorra and got denied,
  4. Charlie Thomas

    But you also got to take into consideration that whilst we all play on the server for free , the server still needs paying for and that i itself doesn’t come cheap, I have to disagree with what you saying for the fact that you pay that money to help keep the community alive and the sever as you can’t keep expecting fuel and Neo to brunt the costs so we can all have s free life and they can’t exactly charge people to play I can understand that yeah the perks might not be a lot but something is better than nothing and also if you factor in for that £100 you that room for a while lol year and if you pay £200 then you have that room for as long as the server lives and if you where’s to say get you own TS you looking at 1/3 more for the year and even more than £200 in the long run
  5. Charlie Thomas

    Problem I’m seeing with this is that to a degree I agree streamers should have that ability so they don’t get bothered whilst they are streaming but at the same time given how powerful the DND tag is on TS as it blocks the ability to message anyone with that tag , so only admins and developers +have access it for this same reason not to Be disturbed whilst doing work for the server so I don’t honestly seeing this happen as it would mean altering the permission of the tag which wold either make the tag not what it meant to be or could give normal user some really high permissions on TS which is higher than a CS as we don’t even get access to it (don’t quote me on that as I’m no TS dev) and knowing someone will just abuse it the only sugession I can make as a work around if possible is just use private discord calls for streams to minimise disruptions
  6. Charlie Thomas

    Disagree with this fully if you get killed in a particular spot you go to all of the time it’s you own fault at the end of the day and I’ll be blunt here is that a lot of the time people go back as they can’t be arsed to wait the 15 minutes To keep away or to get back into a fight like on gang base bidding might and also as fuel explained you have a distance measurement in you screen so it’s own fault for walking into it as it clearly shows it so if you walk in in there it’s you fault if you walk in there and get banned and have some common sense and just spawn elsewhere there no need to for a reprise just because you made a mistake
  7. Charlie Thomas

  8. Charlie Thomas

    What a tit Hahahha i don’t often post a meme but this is justified
  9. Charlie Thomas

    Well that’s fine but as it stands the starting price is still 3mil so unless @jamie7512agrees to the lowered price Well you don’t know that we wait and see you never know someone might buy it at that price and again reverting back to my last comment to Jamie agreeing to the lowered price just to remind all to follow the rules when posting comments in auctions, any comments deemed off topic by admin +may be subject to removal
  10. Charlie Thomas

    Starting price is 3mil @DeclanC
  11. Happy Level up day Daniel ❤️

  12. Charlie Thomas

    but when it comes down to it, as fuel said all gangs will do is go to the fight, die an just go back it will be just a constant rince and repeat process till they run out of money or they just get bored, or it will just keep going until another gang shows up and the circle will just start all over again and removing the NLR timer would just make it a complete custerfuck and unfair for gangs, with NLR in place it make it more balance so it gies everyone a fair chance, also if the suggest NLR is removed from the red area, then it will just spark debate for the rest of the map and a headache. also if you remove the runs from those area , to a degree it does defy the risk of chance when doing a run in that area so in turn it would just make it easier for people of make money, considering some of the bigger money making runs are down there also to make a complete combat zone honestly isn't the best idea in my mind as when it comes down to it, reborn is a roleplay server, not a combat server, and that red zone is a free area where you can go and stress you guns so to speak, its a privileged to have it, if you want combat orienatred servers there are servers such as Academy, KOTH and A&D that do this just fine or host a NMD -1 for this suggession sorry
  13. Charlie Thomas

    this is Tadical Venom Response to this and all is written by him and posted on his behalf When i was in vanguard I went to buy that house located in the photo below and when i turned up it was its own military base added in , with a sign to buy gear but we couldn't access it , i asked everyone in vanguard is it like a new unit and all that i asked said they didn't know it was even there , i asked a someone and they said it was an owners spawn area to buy gear which i thought was fair as u lot dev the server that's why i thought it was a owners base and most new recruits was told the same as me hence my always thinking u had one at this location at this time There was a base here but all vanguard couldn't spawn and even owners at the time had no clue what this base was , also heard rumours about some fish cargo crates there an admin shop in there but again i don't care about that just worded my opinion on how all members were able to access the heli spawn and shot and how in my opinion it should be all get treated the same , nothing meant to sound bad or cause drama just didn't see why like said understand u and fuel and devs having on but not access to normal members for just being in a gang , sorry for any inconvenience worded wrong or took the wrong way - Tactical
  14. Charlie Thomas

    You know that was quoted by fuel right? and I’m somewhat confused to why you tagged Harry in it but okay?
  15. Charlie Thomas

    Have to agree with Paul realistically you don’t see a real paramedic at all fix a wall whilst on duty or fix a call to the skill level that tha AAA and considering at times when they is few medics in they simply won’t have the time for it honestly adding that to NHS would make it unrealistic l see what you mean about them glitching into walls and stuff but calling an admin is fine and if all else fails just RP and say they cannnot be the treated as been revived is a privileged not a given right

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