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  1. Charlie Thomas

    also with cones and barriers, if you even touch them int he slighest that usually causes instant death due to them been so buggy as much as i love they would enhance the AAA exsereice i have to agree due to them been too buggy and unstable having them in is a bad idea
  2. Happy level up day!

    1. Tom Skyline

      Tom Skyline

      Thanksss ❤️


  3. Charlie Thomas

    What is your in-game name: Charlie How old are you: 30 Where in the world are you from: London, UK How many hours do you have in game: 3100 How many hours do you have on reborn: 600+ Have you ever been banned and why: never been banned on reborn What can you bring to Trinity (100+ words): what I can bring is great teamwork, I love working well in a team and I'm happy to take action without direction but also at the same time do what I'm told as and when the time is right, I'm also a great roleplayer as I can roleplay myself out of any situation and take great pride in this, also I'm not afraid to speak my mind and bring any suggestions forward to make the gang stronger and better and bring on any past knowledge of being with other gangs to Trinity if it means helping us getting a tactical advantage, I'm also good at map markings and i have good situational awareness so im always alert to all that is aroundnd What are your weaknesses: personally my CQB would be my weakness yes i can shoot and fend for myself but, I prefer more medium to long-range combat and be more of a support role within the gang but I'm always happy to improve and learn as I go along Do you have any experience in any of the previous or current reborn factions: used to apart of the Camorra as I used to be a turf captain with them (that was an officer position within the faction) and it currently in the NHS as a GP and I also run ARU ( at the time of this application)
  4. Charlie Thomas

    @DeclanC can we get proof of ownership sorted on this auction soon please
  5. Charlie Thomas

    In-game Name: Charlie Steam ID: 76561197985586351 Date of the incident: 07/23/2018 Time of the incident: 10:30-11am Link to player report: n/A Lost Items and Estimated Value: MK1 loadout approximately 350K Please provide as much detail as possible: driving into agios as per usual took the turn too quick as you see and i landed on my side no big deal,m took my stuff off so i dont get robbed whilst i unflipped my car and when i did the car blew and took me and the stuff with it, the video will also show i didnt get revived by the medic as they logged Any Evidence Available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pb5hKbyeY3w&feature=youtu.be
  6. Charlie Thomas

    hi there @Rogers I was apart of the situation so I shall comment on the report we first saw Mason driving quite badly in the tapolia gun store area, so we turned around to see what sort of person he was, so once we decided to turn around and capture the said person. as you can see by the small clip I am providing that he was indicted on by both Paul and Cazual4d where he tried to then get in his car to run away, where I blocked it using my car to prevent him running away, he complied and was put in cuffs by either Paul or Cazual4d and was taken away the clip I am providing is just as per your request to prove he was cuffed by Cazual4d
  7. Charlie Thomas

    if you have any issues in regards to any medics on this server feel free to head over to the NHS complaints and file a complaint, please have any evidence to hand to support your case and it will be looked into by NHS command also just as a reminder that it isn't a server rule for a medic to treat or revived anyone on this server has been revived is a privileged, not a given right, of course all medics should make an effort to head to as many injured casualties as possible but not everyone can be saved,
  8. Charlie Thomas

    if you head over to this post fuel and neo have already answered this question, you find what you answer in here bud
  9. Charlie Thomas

    no, they cannot, any vehicle that is over the purchase price of 10 million cannot be cut'N'Shut by rebels, this would include Taru, Hyron, Jets, Y-32 and the Flatfish, the only way they can be gone from yo8u garage would be if they where to be crushed by the police but for that to happen they would need a justification for it for example been involved in a drug run Hope that helps
  10. Charlie Thomas

    Charlie Thomas

  11. Happy Birthday dude, hope you have amazing day ❤️

  12. Charlie Thomas

    In-game name: Charlie [TARU] Name of the player(s) you are reporting: sami1, Christoffer, Wislyy Date of the incident: 07/07/2018 Time of the incident: 12pm-2pm What rule do you believe was broken: 7.12 Abusing NHS Fail Rp (Non value of life) Toxic Any evidence available: Describe the incident: Player ID: 55620, 31671, 58148 just having a laugh with the NHS CST with a small RP event of doing an air show i was been the onsite medic on the airfield as there was plenty of us on to cope witht he island current demand, finishing refueling the aircraft been helpful to find these rebels approach the ghosthawk, so of course I go and enquire and pretty much tried to rob me, for the helicopter, I complied and they got indicated on and killed to help me out Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  13. Charlie Thomas

    quite the contrary here, I think I bring on a valid point here as just per say you in the base and you have a DMT and you just get sprayed because someone is just sitting there because either they don't like you or the gang you wait for the NLR you go back and the same thing just happens over and over and over and it gets repetitive and you know if the DMT where put back in they going to do it and see no sense in having to revert back o my last point where only a 7.62 would only dent it and you need a .50cal to make an impact, if they where less durable then i would say then yes in the interest of fairness
  14. Charlie Thomas

    No Just no for this reason you don't know the age groups within this server, so you got to think of it this way what happens lets just per say that this was implemented and then a child that is of an age and they get exposed to this, majority of parents would see this and would complain and potentially cause issues and major problems for the server also, it would be in the break of Bohemias usage policy when it comes to the game content and I quote from their website: "Please don’t use our Game Content to create obscene, hateful, offensive, racist content (this includes against living or historically significant persons and religions or communities). What we decide is unacceptable in this area goes. If you’re not sure something is ok it probably isn’t, but if in doubt check with us." so you have to think of it this way, if bohemia just per say got told about this, they came to reborn roleplay and saw this, this would classify this as a breach of terms of content usage as its classified as obscene material and server and the community would be gone this is the reason why when suggesting you have to be mindful yeah it might be all fun at games but you got to think of it this way, they are somewhat restricted to what they can and cannot put on the server due to terms and conditions, terms of service also been classified as 16+ by PEGI (the classifiers for games) as these have to be abided at all times so you need about what you ask for next time and put some thought into it

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