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  1. a clear case of combat log ban issused
  2. i'll give the person time to respond to this
  3. right let go forward with the report is look at all the videos provided ( included the ones they have PM due to house location) and here is the story I see. (ist video) the AMOD gang goes from their gang house to north rebel in multiple helicopters an orca and mohawk, deanz lands at north rebel first where he starts taking shots, he is then followed by Rhys who lands his helicopter, deanz then get a car out and drives away, Rhys store his helicopter and gets in the car with deanz where they continue to take shots, because the POV is from Rhys and not deanz, it doesn't prove that you are been RDM as deanz landed before rhys and was the first to take shots so I need a POV from deanz from when he landed at north rebel to the moment he got shot dead in the second video as I need to know if he got indicated on or not. also,rhys video doesn't prove who was firing at you, I agree to been attempted to be RDM but again insufficient evidence to prove who it is (2nd video) from this video deanz is already down and Rhys moves up back into the rebel outpost computer to see what happens and he sees his friend been robbed, so Rhys shoots down abo shnb followed by moham shoots Rhys, this is then followed by rhys calling moham "stupid <inappropriate2>" and "RDM Fucking Bastards" (2a, 3rd video, and academy video) whilst Rhys was moving into the compound to kill abo shnb, he was taking deanz away to stip his gear, they take his communication (proved by academy video) u carry on talking giving them information away to your friends which results in abo shnb been shot by Rhys, also deanz he gave you an instruction to stop talking or you will be killed, this was said clearly end of the second video and you chose to ignore it and that would be the reason to why you got shot in the 3rd video. there are too many rule break to ignore here so the following people will receive punishment as a consequence of this (based on the videos given) Deanz to receive a 48-hour ban for fail RP - they clearly took you communication away from you and you close to continue to speak to friends proving them with information that they shouldn't have known, if your communications are seized then doesn't matter if you on Teamspeak, discord or annoy form of voice communication they must be muted as soon as they are taken, once the situation is over is when you can be uted and carry on talking, what got you killed was you video you kept on chatting in direct communications and he gave you an instruction to stop and you didn't comply with the instruction Rhys to receive a 7-day ban for RDM, fail RP and toxicity - just because your friend is claiming to be RDM by a person doesn't mean you can shoot them , you still need to initiate all the same to rightfully shoot at someone, also calling someone a "stupid <inappropriate2>", "RDM Fucking Bastards" and taking the piss out of them in direct chat and taking the piss out of them won't be tolerated, should have thought about what you said before pressing the direct chat button, you can appeal the ban anytime after the 21st of April moham is to receive a 24 ban for RDM - as I said to Rhys in the above message, just because he shot at you friend, doesn't give you the right to shoot him back, you still need to indicate abo shnb - at this moment in time due to insufficient evidence, you won't be punished but read carefully to what I will be writing below this IF deanz can provide me a video from the moment he landed at north rebel outpost to the moment he got shot based on the outcome following may happen - if deanz was RDM- all the punishments will stand above and won't be change but abo shnb will receive a 48-hour ban for RDM -if deanz was indicated on correctly and correct time was given to comply- rhys is ban will be reduced to a minimum of 48 hour ban from the moment I receive the video moham ban will be revoked no futher action will be taken on abo shnb learn from this, as it cost you all dearly for this actioned
  4. I’ll be take this report and i will have a look at the evidence provided @Deanzdo PM me that extra video footage of you don’t mind
  5. Either Right then I’ve looked over the video to see that he got spiked which took out his tires which got you slowed down to a crawl of which you ended up stopping I then see Nathan and who was in the helicopter land after they followed you and Nathan jumped out and came towards the truck and initiated, I want to point out that from spas video that it was just nearly audable as I could only just hear that myself but all the same it was heard, the on he gets out and second later he gets shot based on the video you didn’t give him enough time to comply and that’s poor rp, if he was in a mission truck or not a person comes out with a pistol as they carrying it doesn’t matter if they have it Out away or notbecause the way arma 3 is, it always come out and that something that cannot be helped. i agree you indication was fine and spas was aware of the intstruction and he was trying to comply with it but back to my point you didn’t give him enough time to do so, if he just jumped out and started to shoot you then he would have broken the rule of poor RP as he was outnumbered as you see the person spiking him and you also landing in relation to who as fault here the person who commuted the rule break was Nathan, so on that note the other 2 won’t be punished in this instance as one was flying the heli and the other was the one spiking you in terms of resolving we do advise teamspeak as using a third party like discord which is owned by either party is dangerous as we as reborn can not regulate what is been said it what could happen it’s not a rule break to resolve on there but if you chose to do so at you risk so in this instance Nathan I would advise to compensate him for any of his losses and I’ll wait for the outcome of this m
  6. Closed report been delt with in this thread
  7. Closed report been delt with in this thread
  8. Since we all on this report what I’ll do is I’ll decline the other 2 reports and all comment on this report since it’s the same situation bear in mind although it just says one user in the title all 3 are under review given you all apart of the same situation and been reported
  9. I’ll look overlook the report since it relating to the other reports are in the same situation
  10. I’ll look overlook the report since it relating to the other reports are in the same situation

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