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    1. Ill be looking into this report
    2. Will give the reported some time to respond
    3. @Mikkel hedemann @FN8809is going to comp you for your gear let me know when this is done.
    4. Need a video of you respawning @HotToast
    5. Can you hop in ts? @Mikkel hedemann
    6. I don’t think this is something that’ll change, snowb has stated that what happens if blackwater are to use quillans or ifirits at a 51 how are police not allowed to crush them but the black water handbook clearly states you may only crush vehicles that are used against you. But if police can crush our vehicles then how should we not be allowed to cut valuable assets that belong to police. If we were to go to wz in mass ifirits it’d only be 3.75 mill for 10 players with one ifirit each even then I’m sure players would contribute to the costs however we don’t cause then we have rules on how man
    7. LennySmith


      COMPENSATION REQUEST DENIED REASON: After 3 months your house is automatically removed.
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