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  1. C4meron

    It was useless for me, always bugged out. It was pretty much a pointless thing to have.
  2. C4meron

    Cheers got it done
  3. C4meron

    How does one get rid of this?
  4. C4meron

    Can anyone help me i need to try and get rid of this FPS counter and i cant find where its being activate from, It has nothing to do with my NVIDIA Overlay i cant seem to find it anywhere. https://gyazo.com/09c9986c5123dcb982d47dd419927c46
  5. C4meron

    Auction Finished @flowen85 you have 24 hours to contact me, if failed you wont get the auction and it would go to @Lightwood
  6. C4meron

    Ends 20:00 tonight mate.
  7. C4meron

    Do not clog up an auction with conversations. xx
  8. C4meron

    Item: Police Hunter Proof of ownership: https://gyazo.com/bf03e1abd30b707847045d9c23c465e1 Buy now price: 5 Mil Starting bid: 600K Minimum bid increment: 100K End date: 18/05/18 20:00 GMT
  9. C4meron

    Awful song choice. Bit edgy as well.... Tips, Improve the resolution it looks like your playing a Cartooned Version of Arma. Other than that some good tags.
  10. C4meron

    Camorra VS Police
  11. C4meron

    When was this then, and do you have a video. I see a lot of people complaining about the Role-Play of some Camorra members but they don't have the evidence to back it up. If a Camorra member had poor Role-Play record and and send it to the Management of the Camorra.
  12. C4meron

    My next question is that due to recent actions the Camorra got wiped from its roster due to it not role-playing enough and the Camorra leaders were spoken to that if things don't change it would get disbanded. So your saying remove the Camorra who have no changed there roster to be more role-playing and implement a faction that will only dedicate to combat umm no thanks. People were crying about the Camorra being too combat hungry but you want a faction that is dedicated to combat. Another thing is if NATO were implemented over Camorra things would have to change server wise, so you removed all the things that Comorra has like the Arms Dealer or the Drug Dealer and then that would remove all those role-playing opportunities that would come in to hand. Overall this server is dedicated to Role-Play and you want to remove a faction that is pretty much dedicated to Role-Play with its new roster and get rid of it for a combat hungry faction. Putting NATO on the server would remove the concept of Role-Playing.
  13. C4meron

    Good-Luck Pal
  14. C4meron

    https://www.rebornroleplay.com/forms/27-the-camorra-interest-form/ - This is the app for The Camorra. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rj-8NOzc8vka-zZ7dE3Jy1x6gpMk0j8fQlitxYiK1eE/edit - This is the handbook for The Camorra. Due to recent activities some Camorra members have been removed, your best option is to apply, write a decent application and who know you might have what it takes to join the Camorra. Good-Luck.

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