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  1. xdd Benji

    i was accepted by Adam.BZ??
  2. xdd Benji

    Name: Benji Age: 17 Hours on Arma [Screenshot]: https://imgur.com/a/MOxtiNg Previous Gangs: Xtacy, Camorra Bank Account [Screenshot]: was wiped after my ban so only a 1 Million right now. Why do you want to join: Got unbanned like 2 days ago and people asked me to apply and looks pretty sick. 2+ vouches in the gang: Adam.BZ and other Xtacy bois
  3. xdd Benji

    In-game name: Benji Steam ID: 76561198125477306 Date of ban: dunno but it feels like 7 months Reason for ban: Money Dupe Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: nah mate fair reason Why should we unban you? kinda liked this server feels bad tbh, pinky promise i won't do it again, just feel like playing some sick server called Reborn Roleplay and can't cause i'm permed. ?
  4. xdd Benji

  5. xdd Benji

    I normally do but forget sometimes, it be like that sometimes tho.
  6. xdd Benji

    btw ? or silently insult ?
  7. xdd Benji

    Yikes go onto the actual YT Video and read the comment under camerons!!!
  8. xdd Benji

    i was in a gang?
  9. xdd Benji

    few frags i got on RR before getting permed, wanna make more but need constructive feedback. ÔØñ´©Å
  10. xdd Benji

    lmao wouldn't of been accepted anyways
  11. xdd Benji

  12. xdd Benji

    y i k e r s
  13. xdd Benji

    Same with you mate.
  14. xdd Benji

    Love your dedication and i know for a fact i can vouch for you. ACCEPTED. Welcome big man Company.
  15. xdd Benji

    "Serafin Jamal reacted to this" Sitting silently in the shadows judging

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