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  1. Name: JHansen Age : 25 Hours on Arma ( Screenshot required ) : https://gyazo.com/d98023f1b698ae183e8d007dec518dd6 Bank balance ( Screenshot required) : https://gyazo.com/fa165ffefe829f80cd90e236f0521210 Fluent English ( Yes/No ) :yes Previous gangs : TNWO, Wilmas Minions and a few other around 4-5 dont rem theyre name long time ago Can anyone vouch for you : i dont sorry, Discord? : Deadly Panda#5114
  2. soo dose it means im denied?
  3. Well i have got into a fight in the gang soo i left. There was some beef whit a guy in the gang so now im not in gang afther what happend there and im not gonna forgive that person for that. Soo were done whit this fight. 👍
  4. What im saying is people have said somthing that i have been taken wrong and felt that have been toxic against me, thats why i have been on as medic that much. You know were im getting whit this matty?
  5. You have prob not felt it but i have,😐
  6. I want to be a part of a community that takes good cares of everyone im not saying that tnwo is a bad gang it is not its a good gang whit good people im saying it can cross the line somthimes i wanna move on. Im not pointing on everyone but there is somr peiple in the gang i cant get over whit dont wanna mention any name
  7. Im in tnwo well they toxic ingame an on discord is what i feel i want to get awey from them some of then are ok but other is not...
  8. What i ment whit that the gang im in now theyre toxic 24/7 i want to be a patt of abother gang the gang im in now makes me sick And i always wanted to be a part of sinity cause last time i have applied i did not have enough hours on reborn/arma
  9. Name: Hours(Screenshot): Previous Gangs: Why do you want to join: Anyone who can vouch for you:
  10. JHansen

    connecting failed

    i got the same problem it's really annoying... 😭
  11. i soo agree you whit you venom! ❤️
  12. JHansen

    lewis Report

    In-game name: JHansen Name of the player(s) you are reporting: lewis Date of the incident: 02/03/19 Time of the incident: 02:00 am What rule do you believe was broken: RDM Any evidence available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoF0__DvgMY Describe the incident: we were talking to a few guys, i was stand into a wall heard a shoot, and i was killed by name lewis Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes

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