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  1. How about you leave the suggestions to see what the community wants. You’re a skin dev not management.

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    2. flixxx


      banned for what? asking someone to listen to the community?

    3. Alistairr
    4. Scott McTavish

      Scott McTavish

      I code as well as make skins thank you very much

      Suggestions are dealt with by DEVELOPERS btw,  doesn't matter how many "disband blackwater" suggestions get put up, if and i stress IF that time comes to disband Blackwater it will be done by way of Management/Owners deciding to do it and not because of some +1s from "the whole community"

      Now settle down before you say something silly and disappear from the forums again

  2. flixxx

    Disband Blackwater

    they are literally rebels with cheap gear. the server would be better with them in gangs.
  3. flixxx

    Disband Blackwater

    1. They are a zerg and win every fight since they have about 20 people in any fight. 2. By disbanding them more people will join cops and create their own gangs. 3. More people in cops = more feds etc 4. More gangs = more people playing the server 5. More people playing server = better fights and new people likely to join. 6. Nobody likes fighting blackwater since they have spawns in every warzone and regear in literally 10 seconds.
  4. who is that sexy guy in your pfp

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    2. notwill
    3. hazza


      moe needs to start getting kills @Drop

    4. mOEE


      wiped the floor with plague today sometimes when you got a guy like me and a guy like @Adammm on cap you know who is going to get the kills. Obviously me.

  5. wtf happened to srt fr @Alistairr sort it out
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