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  1. Flix

    1:04 is legit you laying down for 30 seconds waiting for a kill along with failed peeks
  2. Flix

    Remove suggestion
  3. Flix

    You should not be able to camp gang bases within 30 mins of restart or
  4. Flix

    I was permed for a month and also dont call me a <inappropriate2>
  5. Flix

    Sorry, I forgot you are a 17 year old with a job that doesn’t have time to argue with kids online and takes to the pms. You plum.
  6. Flix

    Shit bro how will I cope with being called a squeaker online.
  7. Flix

    What’s that word I’m looking for? Oh yeah irrelevant.
  8. Flix

  9. Flix

    "If you buy a lot of items I can transport the items to your house" @Lightning 5 MK1's for 370k for old times
  10. Flix

    There is a NHS roleplay faction... they should roleplay as NHS.
  11. Flix

    You should need to consent before a medic can help you. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/consent-to-treatment/
  12. Flix

  13. Flix

    A way to cancel things such as but not limited to, Lockpicking, crushing, repairing, impounding, drug processing (also legal) and many many more that I can’t remember of the top of my head.
  14. Flix

    If a AAA driver is told not to impound a certain vehicle or they start impounding one and you tell them to stop and they don’t even try to run away from the car to stop you should be able to shoot them... @Tactical Venom
  15. Flix

    They went to my school 😂😂😂 one with the gray jacket is Jamie gray and the one with the putter is vito

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