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  1. happy B-Day 🥧

  2. Happy Birthday 😘

    1. Hartleo


      Dziękuję Ci :P

  3. Wszystkiego najlepszego
    1. Lee


      Dziekuje x

  4. Hartleo

    you said comment "Who is better Neo Or Fuel" there you go
  5. Hartleo

    I understand that you have made an honest mistake, please make sure you have read the rules thoroughly before reconnecting to the server. https://www.rebornroleplay.com/rules/server-rules/ Unbanned
  6. Hartleo

    Denied After seeing the other player's perspective, it does not look like you hit their car therefore meaning they didn't know you crashed into them
  7. Hartleo

    Player Banned
  8. Hartleo

    Report Accepted player 787 has been banned and the other player is already banned
  9. Hartleo

    Report Accepted Player Banned
  10. Hartleo

    i Know that but not all of them VDM'ed him Report Denied from the evidence provided, there is no way of me knowing who actually broke the rule
  11. Hartleo

    From the Imgur link you provided, I can't see any of the names/numbers of the player you are reporting
  12. Hartleo

    Both medics have received a merit point good job guys
  13. Hartleo

    Player Banned
  14. Hartleo

    Denied After you clearly hear the initiation, you turn and point a gun at him which is why he shot you

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