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  1. GDUKOfficial

    This is going to lead to so many 12 year old's running around Kavala yelling "LOOK GUYS. I'VE GOT WOOD HAHAHAHAHAH"
  2. GDUKOfficial

    If you speak to an admin they can deal with the transfer once the auction is done, They've done it for Hurons and such before for my friends and I.
  3. GDUKOfficial

    It was probably denied because you f*cked with the NHS Database and exploited to make yourself seem more important. Just a guess tho.
  4. GDUKOfficial

    Yeah, Mike Oxlong and Kirkland the Medic
  5. GDUKOfficial

    What is your in-game name? Aiwan Tofaqu How old are you? 26 In what country do you live? United Kingdom How many hours do you have on Arma 3 and on RebornRP? (Screenshot) No clue about hours on RR. More than 4/5 months though. What are your previous gangs/factions? TPA/RA/FA What are your strengths? (5+ strengths) Good spotter Good getaway driver Pretty good tactician Good Comms Good bait What are your weaknesses? (2+ weaknesses) Pretty bad at mid/close combat (Much prefer sniping/spotting) Pretty bad at driving sports hatchy. Thing slides like a wheelchair on ice. Have you been banned before? If yes then why? Nope. Why would you like to join Garbo? (100+ words) I'd like to join Garbo because I've had a fair few run ins with the people from the gang and they've all gone down really well with some fun RP, in the instances I was blasted down like a rat at a London Restaurant the after fight comms were always pretty hilarious as well, a long time ago I was kidnapped by Garbo and spent over 2 hours with them just riding along in their Quilins. Ended up helping them out in a few small sits (One of the members gave me a SPAR) so I'd love to have some more experiences like that with y'all. What can you bring to Garbo? (75+ words) I can bring good piloting skills, amazing spotting skills and top tier overwatch/chase callouts from the skies, I'll also be able to help out with long range engagements with my sniping abilities as it's one of my favorite hobbies. If we get into chases I can outdrive a good 85-90% of people on the island and easily corral them wherever we need them to be. Define roleplay in your own words. (50+ words) Roleplay is escaping from the real world for a few hours to live out another life in a video game or another way, it's a chance to try new things and meet new people without having to completely mess with your real life. It's about having fun and making new memories with new people. Tell us something about yourself. Pretty good driver, pretty good pilot, lots of ARMA Experience (MilSim + RP), really into gaming.
  6. GDUKOfficial

    Name: Mike Oxlong Money: 11M Do you have both rebel license: Yep Why do you want to join (25+words): Been a part of too many gangs that have been half assed, which led to them collapsing. Nefarious always seems to be active and putting work into their gang to get their name out their and their presence known, also met a fair few of the boys around the island and had really good RP times chatting to them. Who can vouch for you: @Morty Smith
  7. GDUKOfficial

    This is the kind of thing we need to see on the forums. Big 1up to you lad! Why though? It's Coke and Weed, if they added something more exciting there like Thorium plots or something that are actually radioactive, it'd be a lot better as it'd actually reflect the fear and concern of RZ
  8. GDUKOfficial

    Would be good at Adv. Rebel outposts for something like 50k, or you could have it at Normal Rebel where you need to take some Plastic and Oil with you to forge it for a cheaper price (25k maybe?) when you're sent to prison it should be removed as well.
  9. GDUKOfficial

    1. Make the East Altis area useful again. 2. Release information on which dealer gives what percentage of market value 3. Remove Coke/Weed field from Redzone (Absolutely pointless) 4. Balance Drug values 5. Release information on how much the market drops per individual item sold (% of drop) @Zerps
  10. GDUKOfficial

    Replace the engine acceleration sound of the Sports Hatchback with an extremely slowed down, drawn out Owen Wilson "Woooooooooooooooooow" sound effect. Yeah. Cos why not.
  11. GDUKOfficial

    The cops are giving out Poor RP, they're literally just saying "Hands up or be tazed" without even a warning. It's not "Baiting" at all, it's showing you can protect yourself if someone tries it on, why is it the right of the cops to remove a persons means of self defense? Not everyone is a rebel, some people have high caliber weapons and are good, upstanding citizens (Look towards America, they're evidence of that, yeah there's some bad apples but not everyone is the same) I'd love to try being police for a day but I'd get denied if I made an app.
  12. GDUKOfficial

    Actually yeah I agree with that, Open for the 5.56, Concealed for the 6.5, 7.62 stays SUPER illegal.
  13. GDUKOfficial

    That's part of the problem, you say "Cops give warnings" but not all of them, multiple people in my gang have just been arrested and had the weapons taken without any prior warning or communication, literally a case of "Hands on your head or you'll be tazed - Gimme that gun" It's not a case of showing off the weapons to hobos, its normal for people on a REBEL RUN ISLAND to have some form of self defense. Cops can't always deal with situations because of NLR, numbers, the time on the server, timezones, whatever, why not give people a chance to defend themselves? The warning system would still stand but it'd be more cemented by the fact that there's a chance people can defend themselves, but have to follow "state" law.
  14. GDUKOfficial

    Right now with the server's GZ rules it's kind of problematic, you carry a mid to high caliber weapon and you're getting tazed and cuffed, I know people say "Try to RP out of it" but a lot of time police just don't seem to care, they want the weapon and they want the fame of having taken a weapon from someone who has NO WAY of defending themselves. My suggestion is this: make licenses based on weapon calibers 5.56: Open Carry License (750k, allows you to openly carry 5.56 weapon on the back with legal attachments) 6.5/7.62: Concealed Carry License (1.25m, allows you to carry 6.5 on your back or carry a 7.62 in your backpack) To balance it for police, it could be on a warning system. The first time you're given a verbal warning and asked to conceal/stow your weapon (For police safety) Second time they give you a fine (Anything between 2000 and 5000 based on how you're speaking to them) Third time you're given the fine and have your weapon seized None of this would overwrite cops being able to seize weapons and perform stop&search for their own safety, but it would make the system a little more fair as right now feds can just stop&search you on "Suspicion" which really isn't fair.
  15. GDUKOfficial

    Wow, pigs really can fly... My life is officially a lie.

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