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  1. As much as I hate the hackers and whatevers (usually because their egos are worse than anything ever) why not just give them all one final chance? You've been willing to give some people chances so why not others? If they screw up then ban them again, community wide the next time, why be hypocritical about it based entirely on money as it seems right now?
  2. I tend not to record anymore as it's pointless, as for Azeriax I know he doesn't record as he can't, My gun is pointed up at an angle through the railings, trying to get the peak on you but I failed miserably due to not positioning well. if I was aiming to execute my friend wouldn't I have done it a little sooner? Seeing as looking from your own video I could easily have executed him from the middle of the stairs.
  3. For mine, look at where he was positioned, as I peaked the stairs with my rook and started firing a few strays hit him, for his on the first one just look at the flick as he tries to turn, he fires, flicks fully then gets capped, we can't exactly prove human input now can we? Not everyone is a speedrun streamer with an input viewer, heart-rate monitor and eye tracker.
  4. The first execution was just piss poor click timing on Azeriax's timing, he was supposed to start turning and start firing but screwed up majorly and clicked too fast, that's why if you watch the clip he attempts to turn when the officer starts to make his move but clicks too fast, spins to his left and gets legged, then killed, very quickly

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