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  1. Was messing around in Kav square with a cop and a few friends, decided to bodysurf the cop SUV and ended up being teleported through time and space lmao (Yes, I added the Dr Who theme, get over it)
  2. Application Template Name: AidenB How many Hours: 2687 Previous Gangs: TPA, RA, COLA, BIOS Age: Old Why do you want to join: Because I want to get revenge on the feds for their atrocious disrespect toward the citizens of Altis. How Much do you hate the police 1-10: 15.327%
  3. Might want to proofread and spellcheck before you release these, lmao.
  4. @Paul DThis better? 8.2.11 - Police must wait until 3 minutes have passed after an active situation before they may tourniquet a suspect, attempting to tourniquet someone during an active situation is considered PoorRP and will be punished accordingly Completely agree with this rule being made more current
  5. GDUKOfficial


    You might want to use the correct form for requesting comp, else it gets denied https://www.rebornroleplay.com/forms/6-compensation-request/
  6. Why not just remove the current APD Lockup and turn it into the APD Evidence Lockup, where it's a random chance of Drugs, Guns or Nothing? Would mean there's more incentive to rob it as you could end up with a MK1 or a backpack full of Pure Spice
  7. GDUKOfficial


    Lmfao no way, you can craft them incredibly easily when the server is dead, if you don't want to put in the work then you don't DESERVE to use an LMG. -1
  8. Happens a lot in this community now, for example literal slander will get you "perm" banned, only for it to be revoked 5 minutes later, admins, owners and staff members have no sense of reality anymore, it's turning into Phoenix2.0
  9. Big +1, been a huge area of contention for quite a while now
  10. Both of them for 120k sound fair? If not, feel free to make me an offer, not really sold any cars before haha.
  11. Got a couple of Sports Hatchys and SUV's available fairly cheap if you want to throw me an offer? Think I have 2 of each
  12. Would love to see this on the server, maybe just not with the camo skin, but a simple black or other skin
  13. GDUKOfficial


    You don't, I pasted a way to do it in a thread a couple days ago: It's pretty easy once you get used to which trees are which, and what their Z Placements are
  14. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1137447895 Tutorial for how to place trees in Vanilla Arma3 Eden, make sure to practice in Eden before you commit to adding anything to any maps you work on.

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