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    Here's the best way to avoid being banned for shooting in BZ: 1. Look for blue circle on the map 2. Don't shoot in it There ya go Vortex/x1 members - You'll need to know this!
  2. GDUKOfficial


    I think he means wrap around it like with the Redzone, where you have a border rather than a big splodge of a circle
  3. I don't think weapons/equipment need to be cheaper, just vehicles by a small amount, I understand that SOME of them wouldn't be affected (Ifrits and such) but Qilin's, Prowlers and other basic rebel vehicles should be lowered, seeing as you can easily be ripped out of most of them by a half blinded chimp with a Protector, and a lot of civ vehicles could be lowered by a small sum without too much effect on the economy
  4. I think the only thing that should change about feds going to RZ is that they have to respect NLR, so it isn't just the same 4/5 coming back constantly, that way there's a lull in the combat for gangs to actually face off, rather than have to deal with rival gangs and cops on top of it all just zerging bases because their gear is free
  5. Instead of this becoming a server rule, would there possibly be a way for the devs to implement something where it adds a crime to a record for it? Such as Robbery or something along those lines, make people have to really think about it, whether or not it's worth robbing someone for their 5.56 when the ticket could be worth more than the firearm they're nabbing?
  6. Go into PD and go into the office, 5k to check your wanted level. Can't view the list tho.
  7. Maybe for the rebels getting bored you could implement some kind of "Killhouse" on the salt flats, with targets and things that you shoot down and try to get top score or something, maybe another one which is PvP or a proper shooting range with differently ranged targets for people to go and try to show off their skills or whatever, or some race tracks which are protected so you can go on there and face off against your friends in your rare/weird/unusual vehicles without the risk of losing them, or have the Event Bowl be usable by standard "admins" ingame so they can host more normal events
  8. Whitelist some infi bans... Add LMG's.... Make armed vehicles buyable.... Cheaper Ifrits.... I just... No? Why make this community into Phoenix? You want that stuff just head over there and get sprayed down with an LMG by a random hobo who's just decamped from an Ifrit. Looking at this document I was genuinely expecting to see "Remove DMT's because of Tower Lag"...
  9. GDUKOfficial


    Imagine a situation where you're calling your friend that as a joke, and a civ/cop/medic goes past and just catches the end of it, wherein they only hear the "f*g" part, you're then going to get called toxic, possibly brought to TS or the forums, where you'll have to scour your recordings for that specific instance of you saying it, just to prove you weren't calling the random person that word, this would take time away from you actually being able to play and enjoy yourself on the server, or alternatively you could just not use the phrase and never have to take the risk, which would you prefer?
  10. Definitely would love to see this implemented, would make some of the safer and more RP Oriented jobs much more accessible for people, and give them a fairly good way to get to know the island!
  11. Wait, is it? I didn't even know that, my b
  12. Maybe have a Narcotics Cartel, Firearms Cartel and Transport Cartel? Have each give a bonus on things such as cheaper vehicles/guns, or a slightly higher payout on runs? Just an idea that I've seen around some other communities that's worked amazingly well
  13. Ahhh PoA bringing their atrocious toxicity from the world of Phoenix to this poor island...
  14. Having spent plenty of hours on the server as AAA/AHA, I can say from experience there'd be absolutely no point in this, as it currently is, the AAA/AHA get pretty much no use at all and bloating the mission file with extra skins and things won't help, the current vehicles are fine, if anything I personally believe that the AHA/AAA should be merged into one "Altis Roadside Services" job, and we have one of the skins we currently have, removed. Trust me, it's not the skins that's the issue.

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