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  1. Proud

    Ok whatever I get it. I made this as a meme but u guys are taking it way too far. Just chill.
  2. For everyone who hates me, all I gotta say is sorry. Hope u guys will see that change this time.

  3. Proud

    I dont lmao? Im literally just saying I havent seen anyone hit any flicks like that, like literally.
  4. Proud

    Never seen any 180 flicks on any reborn tage soo until I see some, ima assume no one can flick like that Everyone thinks its a montage, but no its a meme and thats the point of the song. Like what actual song says "she take out a toy, cuz my dick is too small for her to enjoy" 🤣
  5. Proud

    Thx took a while to make All urs
  6. pls no ban only meme ❤️ This is not an actual montage, this is just a meme.
  7. Proud

    Just make warzone all of that island, if people roach, they roach not many people fight anyway... It would make thing interesting @Ryno @Fuel
  8. Proud

    I like pls add ❤️
  9. Proud

    Edited? Must of been toxic! Im Proud, nice to meet you!
  10. Proud

    So were gonna act like u and ur crew were not spitting ur own trash into that side chat? You just want to ban him to make him angry, you dont actually care, and as being someone with a mother who is a breast cancer survivor, it still doesn't hurt me when someone says anything about cancer. In the gaming community the word "cancer" has become kind of common, everyone says it. Your gonna sit here and tell me that you care when it doesnt affect you in any way, u just don't like the word? I find that hard to believe. Also he says he was getting cancer, never said u guys were cancer, nothing wrong with a man expressing what disease he is getting... Also u guys wanna stop ddosing him? https://gyazo.com/70c0b3f1d43116db4ac1c7b724899ff4
  11. Proud

    Is this what u kids do cuz ur bored? He was inferring u guys are acting like ur cancer, most likely meaning annoying him with your big mouths. Admin who resolves this check chat u can see the amount of trash spit from all sides. (Talking for Tom Brady)
  12. Proud

    nice tage, but why doesnt Sinity ever fight Serenity??!! This makes me angry!!!! (fight us pls) +1
  13. Proud

    Just for show

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