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  1. Yh no FPS is already low and would get lower
  2. It’s kinda hard without the use of mods , like I can’t think of anything “creative” to bring to a rebel other than making just more of a competition between gangs , make having a base actually worth it , make cap points give you a good reward and make a better incentive to make money. Also +1 on everything especially the banning
  3. Happy Birthday Bennor Censon x 

    1. Connor Benson

      Connor Benson

      Thank you Mr P4blooooooooo ❤️ 

  4. your new welcome to this wholesome thread
  5. P4blo


    again post on the other one please..... PLEASE POST ON THE OTHER THREAD..... @Danielcan you achive this please aha x
  6. who are you i quoted the wrong person lmao @Blades
  7. no im on about the gang recruiting him aha
  8. P4blo


    Please use the other thread
  9. That’s funny coming from you... as in shut up
  10. How much for just 5 of the 115’s

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