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  1. No it's not active anymore but soon it will be active again.
  2. It's not really about the name, is it? Besides, we base 77th on actual real historical events it's not some random number that means nothing. Thanks anyway.
  3. Yeah I did thanks for telling me LOL
  4. The Lost Battalion The Lost Battalion is originally based on nine companies of the United States 77th Division. It was 554 men that were isolated by Germany during World War 1. Even with French holding their flank and 92nd Infantry Division supporting their right flank 194 brave men were killed in action 150 missing or taken prisoner before 194 remaining men were rescued. It's important to remember the history that is why new private military of roughly 500 men named themselves The Lost Battalion. Only to get the same fate as the history repeated itself, 358 lives were lost when they got ambushed in a foreign terrain. The losses were huge for the comrades and for the company. Remaining 142 members moved to a rebel country called Altis to find themselves a new life and new comrades. At the moment, I have found an ex-member that has joined the forces and is working as a mercenary. The member is General Maxu. I am a war reporter and this is not last time you see me because I intend to find all the 142 members in Altis and interview them for their own story! ÔÇ£We do not forgive and we do not forget we will strike with the hammer of justice for the sake of those who died in our hands.ÔÇØ How do you spot them? They all have skull masks to honor the dead comrades, advanced combat, and tactics. They show no mercy to the wicked. How to join them? The only way to join them is if they see you as a worthy comrade that they can depend on. If you can prove yourself you are provided with a new family as brothers in arms. ROSTER LINK Requirements: An applicant that wants to join their group must meet their requirements or at least the majority of them. Minimum age: 18 (Exceptions can be made if the applicant shows us that he is mature enough.) Licenses: Rebel license, at least 3 Illegal licenses Comms: Clear info, fluent English. No tolerance towards rage or blaming. Outstanding knowledge of rules. Clear ban history at least 1 month. Respect for seniors. Listen to orders. Must have a stable bank account. Must have a working microphone. Must be experienced. Must work well in a team and get along with everyone. You must have no applications waiting for review in other gangs. Must be good at both role-play and combat. Application Form: After reviewing your application can be either accepted, put on hold or declined. If your application gets accepted you will need to go through their gang interview. If you apply to another gang while your application is waiting to be reviewed you will be automatically declined.
  5. Maxu

    Altis Life Plus

    Would be cool, me and my friends have been waiting for this
  6. +1 great idea it was hard to get in the server as a new player

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