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  1. Aaron Michaels

    You got some big fucking boots to fill mr Honore. I don't even have time to play here any more and still have time to read Hybrids work.
  2. Aaron Michaels

    The only joke here Breecer is your streamsniping abilities :dab:
  3. Aaron Michaels

    That wasn't very cash money of you...
  4. Aaron Michaels

    Ah shit...
  5. Aaron Michaels

    Nah, Still got the video of me shitting on Charlie infront of Epic. Epic sounded pretty hurt about witnessing that
  6. Aaron Michaels

    Next Issue: Inside the Epic worshipping cult
  7. Aaron Michaels

    He didn't verbally assault me like the current CMO's do so I guess he was cool xo
  8. Aaron Michaels

  9. Aaron Michaels

    Aaron Michaels

  10. Aaron Michaels

    Isn't Arma rated M for mature? 🤔🤔
  11. Aaron Michaels

  12. Aaron Michaels

    It's pretty easy to drive me over the edge but please use music that is less likely to make me want to drive a screwdriver through my temple, please and thank you. I'd also recommend trying to avoid single clip kills (unless they are like the ones from helis or long-range hemtts) I saw that shit back on ALRP all the time and it's just not impressive anymore. Other than that, not the worst thing I've seen.
  13. Aaron Michaels

    Rap Devil was a fuckin' tune though.
  14. Aaron Michaels

    Your music choice worries me Epic.
  15. Aaron Michaels

    gives whitebeard a lil bit of winky tickle.

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