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  1. Aaron Michaels

    No, this removes the popup when you press shift + p, not a bypass for not owning the dlc
  2. Aaron Michaels

    Looks good to me. Mine is set to {487784534} which is ctrl + \ (which comes up in arma as ctrl + OEM21 so is an invalid keybind )
  3. Aaron Michaels

    Just make sure you don't edit the .vars file from that same folder. It WILL result in a KoTH ban. Take it from me :X
  4. Aaron Michaels

    Alright boys and girls. As I am sure many of you are aware P is a keybind that Reborn uses and Shift + P is that annoying ass Bohemia DLC window It doesn't matter if you own all the DLC (like myself: https://i.gyazo.com/8aef6d71cba6750f90eb6038f2985d8e.mp4) I still get that damn popup when I press those keys. So, I decided to look into it and get this crap unbound so I can freely enjoy my game. Step 1: Download a text editor, like notepad++ or Sublime, whatever you prefer Step 2: Navigate to your Documents folder, your Arma - 3 other profiles folder or your Arma 3 folder. Should look like this: Step 3: NOW, the special bit. Edit your standard ARMA3PROFILE file with your text editor. Not .3den or .vars. The normal one Step 4: Ctrl + F that Bish and find "keyOpenDlcScreen" should look like this: (yours will have a long string of numbers beginning with 7, I believe. ) Step 5: Change that long string of numbers between the { and } to the correct key combination of choice. What you'll need to do is you'll need to temporarily bind an empty key with the new keybind you want for this DLC screen as this MUST be bound or it'll reset itself to shift + p So, for example if you wanted to rebind this popup to G the number combination would be "34" as you see in the top of the last picture Step 6: Go in-game, into the arsenal works and press shift + p. If the window doesn't pop up you used a correct number combination This is completely safe and you won't get banned from Reborn or banned from KoTH or Battleye banned or none of that Jazz. Enjoy ❤️
  5. Aaron Michaels

    Yeah man
  6. Aaron Michaels

  7. Nice one lad. You're old now.


  8. Aaron Michaels

    Should count as a breach of NLR. Shouldn't be respawning there anyway.
  9. Aaron Michaels

    I'd love to be able to put shitty quotes in my description. To reflect how special I am.
  10. Aaron Michaels

    Fans going full blast definitely sounds like something is wrong and its not just graphics drivers.
  11. Aaron Michaels

    Fan going full blast aswell? That could be a motherboard issue.
  12. Aaron Michaels

    It could work. It could also be a confliction of drivers with your new video drivers and the windows ones.
  13. Aaron Michaels

    Yo! I still carry my flashlight with me tho
  14. Aaron Michaels

    Greece has its own government separate from the united kingdom, obviously. It is split into 13 regions and an even bigger number of "regional units" or some shit. Each region has its own governor that's appointed by the minister of interior, the Minister is appointed by the Prime Minister of Greece The prime minister of "The Hellenic Republic" (Greece) is chosen by election. Lemnos (Altis' real-life counterpart) is apart of the North Aegean region, SO; if the regional governor were to be investigated for corruption as you put it, they would be investigated by the prime minister of Greece and his/her administration team. I don't even know if that's what you're asking or if you specifically mean for reborn BUT HEY, the more you know right? It's amazing what you can do when you need to do homework and don't want to do it.
  15. Aaron Michaels

    Hmm, fair enough. I'll be in touch.

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