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  1. You got some big fucking boots to fill mr Honore. I don't even have time to play here any more and still have time to read Hybrids work.
  2. The only joke here Breecer is your streamsniping abilities :dab:
  3. That wasn't very cash money of you...
  4. Nah, Still got the video of me shitting on Charlie infront of Epic. Epic sounded pretty hurt about witnessing that
  5. Next Issue: Inside the Epic worshipping cult
  6. He didn't verbally assault me like the current CMO's do so I guess he was cool xo
  7. http://zqktlwi4fecvo6ri.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
  8. It's pretty easy to drive me over the edge but please use music that is less likely to make me want to drive a screwdriver through my temple, please and thank you. I'd also recommend trying to avoid single clip kills (unless they are like the ones from helis or long-range hemtts) I saw that shit back on ALRP all the time and it's just not impressive anymore. Other than that, not the worst thing I've seen.
  9. Add some wounds that can only be healed at a hospital. Introduce "Medical Custody" - you'll need police escorts while you go back to the hospital, is a new Patient / Cop / Medic RP dynamic, forces some levels of RP and if there are gang members nearby they can attempt to stop the medical vehicle and break their gang member out of said custody. ? que (less likely to just suicide if they have a chance at living through it and keeping gear)
  10. but yet there still isn't a hospital in Sofia...
  11. @Fuel - I present to you the Sofia NHS Substation The mission.sqm is a grand total of 32.0kb (obviously excluding those 2 ugly skins I made, yikes) I went to this location as it is an area that doesn't have any purchasable buildings so there is no risk of anyone losing any houses if this "sub-station" were to be implemented, additionally to that I don't think it currently serves any major importance that couldn't be easily moved. The small little substation has room for a helipad and the cars can be spawned between the HQ and small cargo posts OR, as an alternative, they could also be spawned on the helipad but I'm not sure if that would be a good idea cos potential booms with people spawning a helicopter and car at the same time. Idiots will figure out a way to kill themselves with it that way I'm sure. I figured with Sofia being a typically rebel-infested area and the cops rarely straying this far east It would make sense that this is a much smaller more easily regulated facility. It wouldn't be used by your typical doctors and nurses, this would be the type of place that you would use to stabilise critical patients and get them ready to be moved to a more permanent facility, such as Pyrgos or Kavala. This is the type of station that could be dismantled and moved once the situation has changed (within RP) I've compiled a small imgur gallery of photos so you can see exactly what it looks like: https://imgur.com/a/vyQl9iy Before: After: Due to the tiny size, I can send it to anyone on discord who needs it, if you want it. No harm if its a nope.
  12. Reborn has already been granted server monetization by bohemia, so they could charge for access. It's a possibility. Not likely though. I'm sure Noms will give a good answer.

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