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    @Scott McTavish Once again, I am deeply sorry for what I did and regret ever bit of it and promise it wont happen again. I am seriously new to the game and don't know controls and that can be confirmed by one of my friends if needed. I swear I was trying to get out and did not mean to switch to the passenger seat.
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    No, when I VDMed him I tried to get out of my vehicle to talk to the admin and I'm not good at the controls and probably switched to the passenger seat. Once again I am deeply sorry to the person who I did it to and wont do it again. @PaulS
  6. Everblades66

    In-game name: Everblades66 Steam ID: 76561198799309211 Date of ban: 04/15/2018 Reason for ban: VDM Staff member that banned you: Mctavish Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Yes/No, it was a weird situation that I was in because I was constantly getting VDMed on the server by multiple people and then trying to get my own car I got VDMed two times before the admin was there. In general I was pissed off because I kept getting VDMed and no action was being taken from any staff and I see people VDM all the time and nothing happens. As me and my friend are getting robbed for the second time trying to get a car I just got pissed off because I was being VDMed and robbed ever time I tried to do something and ran the guy over. This was also my first ever time doing it and the first time ever getting banned or kicked. Why should we unban you? I admit I did VDM him but this was my first ever ban/kick and I love playing on this server. I am sorry that I did that and I promise to never do it again. I feel that i should not be perm banned for doing something for the first time. Can I have another chance to play rebornrp.

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