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  1. Item: BlackWater Armed Quilin Proof of ownership: https://gyazo.com/8f9d62721a379f57654ae9619b1bacdf https://gyazo.com/a8051ef8ca6b9220a7969ab579d4b32d https://gyazo.com/5b14cc9e2940149240dc59a393c573bf Buy now price: 7m or closest offer Starting bid: 2.5m Minimum bid increment: 500k End date: 3/24/19 or When I want
  2. That's basically what it is already lmao
  3. Even if you are on waiting for 5 minutes, you can get kicked or lag out when the server starts which causes you to have to spam in for 30+minutes even though you were there waiting at 8.
  4. Blades

    Connor RDM

    Connor: There was a heli flying around we was there for a while and we kept alt 1ing a heli it kept coming and going, then i seen your heli far away and we thought it was the same heli so i shoot you down, i also understand about people buying there way out of stuff but i barly even have the money to pay you both 1 mil so its not like i have lots of money just to bribe u from reporting me it was a genuine mistake and with my ban history id prefer to just try and resolve then having to get a 1 month 6 month or even a perm ban for a genuine mistake and, yes i understand u might be angry stuff like this keeps happening to you but no need to blame me for what everyone else does fair enough if ive done this before to you but i havent.
  5. Blades

    Connor RDM

    Connor: One of your friend NLR's he messages saying sorry i got np man now u being like that, you dont see me being a dick about it and reporting him getting him banned. Also after that incident, your whole gang RDMed us when we were trying to get a picture 5 minutes after this situation and we didn't report anyone. Your clearly just hunting for bans when we had offered you comp and you had no interest in resolving a minor mistake.
  6. Blades

    Connor RDM

    In that case @majoruncleduck, it was a genuine mistake and Connor is very sorry. Would you accept 1 mil comp for each of you in the helicopter for the time wasted and the inconvenience caused by this incident?
  7. Blades

    Connor RDM

    In response for Connor: Connor says he alt 1 the helicopter like yours before can you provide longer video? Thinking back to it, there was 2 helicopters just like yours. If you were the wrong helicopter and was shot down, Connor made a genuine mistake if it was the wrong helicopter and will comp each guys 1 million for your guy's troubles and time wasted. His reaction saying "oh shit" at the start could suggest that they saw the minigun quilins and knew they were going to be shot down as we had alt 1ed them. As stated before, if it was the wrong helicopter, Connor is willing to comp you each 1 million for the inconvenience and time wasted.
  8. Blades

    Connor RDM

    He is forum banned.

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