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  1. Unlucky Trident
  2. £2.40
  3. £2
  4. Really good guy. RDMed me and didn't comp. Hope to have more fun encounters ingame. :))) @The Red Fez
  5. isn't the whole reason you take a hostage to get something out of them? and we did so we didn't take you for no reason...
  6. but i do see the problem with this toxicity... <161:15> "Samurai": You guys dont have an ounce of Roleplay between you <161:42> "Samurai": Well ill leave you to it as your probably a little busy chewing on a fat dick
  7. Been a really good guy to me. Really taught me the ins and outs of the server. really needs community support!
  8. +1 +1 +1
  9. @Hoggie
  10. GL! will be nice to have some more competition.
  11. I do hope you have a lovely birthday x

    1. Ryno


      Thank you so much Josh xoxo

  12. In-game Name: Josh.io Steam ID: 76561198047281734 Date of the incident: 11/15/2017 Time of the incident: About 8:30 i think Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: SFU Orca (Doesn't have a price, would like the skinned Orca) Please provide as much detail as possible: I Cut and Shut an SFU Orca and it doesn't have an SFU skin. Any Evidence Available: All orcas in my garage - https://gyazo.com/c44055c27b16f849bb29e55f506f7575 https://gyazo.com/231470f8d10c7a46747ee1d90290c771 https://gyazo.com/01d5e5b2240c19d2ecde7f93eeb2b90d https://gyazo.com/b956750b470725084bcc5d10f6878c99
  13. Can indeed confirm that this man is a fantastic medic. +1
  14. HM

    Make it how it was ages ago and have a few ladders around the compound for police to enter. Not at every deer stand though.
  15. Application Declined, Feel free to reapply when you have a member of the gang that can vouch for you.

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