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  1. JoshDF

  2. JoshDF

    Isn't a thing anymore
  3. JoshDF

  4. JoshDF

    Denied, Playing with another gang.
  5. JoshDF

    @Stevenn think he's trying to call you shit...
  6. JoshDF


    What happened at 1:58? lul
  7. JoshDF

    I feel bad for your maps if this gets added...
  8. JoshDF

    A kind admin extended Lewis' ban so.... few weeks
  9. JoshDF

  10. JoshDF

    ur complete garbage bro
  11. JoshDF

    In-game name: Reece Steam ID: Forums Date of ban: 01/27/2018 Reason for ban: "You are done here -Fuel", I believe I was banned for my status update to TheRedFez (who I am friends with) after he donated something like £180 to the server, so I posted on his profile "How much SUCC have u received for all those donations" and then next day found out I was banned. I also think it was collectively a build up of all the shit I've posted on the forums in the past from shitposting to just being genuinely annoying on posts when I wasn't needed to. Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Nope it was justified, however I would like to point out it was a joke to a friend of mine even though that does not change anything as I shouldn't have posted it publicly on the forums homepage. Just wanted to make it clearly that it was not with intent to cause harm. Why should we unban you? I wish to be unbanned so I can resume my usage of the forums and interact with the many posts me and my acquaintances have made. I understand fully what I did wrong to get me banned in the first place and I will stop myself from making jokes on status updates in the future. I am returning to the community and wish to be able to interact with it once more in hopes of making the server a better place to play and help with the on-going development of reborn roleplay by contributing positively to suggestions and other methods of idea sharing. I will try my best to keep everything I do as clean and positive as possible.
  12. JoshDF

    Got some at my place if you wanna come over and grab it?
  13. JoshDF

    did i ask?
  14. JoshDF

    Owl you're already in hahah
  15. JoshDF

    Denied, Without people to vouch or being in previously there isn't much chance of getting in. Feel free to reapply when you make a good impression on out members.

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