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  1. Jonny Blitz

    @BLITZplease send me your player id in pm and I will action this tommorow and close the report.
  2. Jonny Blitz

    @BLITZAre you ok with comping the above amount, from your bank?
  3. Jonny Blitz

    I will take a look shortly.
  4. Jonny Blitz

    You are welcome pal 😀
  5. Jonny Blitz

    Quite clearly fail to value life here and also unwarranted toxicity. Report accepted.
  6. Jonny Blitz

    I can see from the video that, you initiated and that this player has ran off getting into the orca. The orca was being co pilot exploited, whoever was the pilot here needs to not be doing that as it is not allowed . I am quite certain that he would have heard that as he was stood there for a good few seconds, with a fair few people stood pointing their guns at him! I am sure he would have got the point there, therefore i will class this is not value of life. @Charlie Thomas Report accepted.
  7. Jonny Blitz

    I will have a look at this in a minute
  8. Jonny Blitz

    Denied You where banned October 20, 2018 8:23 PM You where banned for 7 days meaning that you can only appeal after 48 hours You can re appeal soon, but for know you will have to wait a little longer.
  9. Jonny Blitz

    To be fair you are on quite thin ice. I like the fact you have been honest, games are here to enjoy, not be toxic on for any reason. All players should learn to respect each other and not be so toxic. You have served 9 days of a 1 month ban, I am hoping with this you have learnt an important lesson and will not do it again. Unbanned.
  10. Jonny Blitz

    Declined. Ban is non appealable. You will be unbanned on 10/21/2018 10:39
  11. Jonny Blitz

    Declined. Looks like you are abusing the jump script, to make that happen.
  12. Jonny Blitz

    @Tom BradyI understand you may have been annoyed regarding something there, but cancer is not a thing to wish upon. Please in future use more appropriate language and use your head before you speak. I do not want to see this happen again as it is not the type of language /behavior we want on the server and you must make attempts to be considerate of everyone else. Please take this as a formal warning. @Proudplease do not comment on a report unless you have something valid to say, just because he DC from ts does not mean he is getting DDOS. Report closed.
  13. Jonny Blitz

    locking the report so i can have a look at the evidence provided
  14. Jonny Blitz

    I will have a look at this shortly.
  15. Jonny Blitz

    Denied Perm bans are appealable after 3 months. You where banned on August 7, 2018 4:52 PM meaning you have a few days yet

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