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  1. Jonny Blitz

    Civ rep

    Think this topic is best placed I'm "suggestions" I'll move it there.
  2. Jonny Blitz


    Moved to perm ban appeal. This will have to be dealt with by management.
  3. @Mike Honchowhat do you have to say on this?
  4. I agree. It's happened to me a few times ?
  5. Actually put alot of effort into this suggestion with the vids and that so plus 1 from me
  6. Report accepted. 1.25 the person ejects from the car causing him to die, his fault. This person also uses a racist term and is quite toxic. Ban issued to this person. Ban issued to soundlogic aswell for Fail RP. Report closed.
  7. Jonny Blitz


    Compensated for one. Your friend will have to stick up a separate request.
  8. Report accepted. Reported has had a fair amount of time to respond.
  9. Jonny Blitz


    You were given a 24 hour ban for NLR. You will be unbanned at 18.28 pm today.
  10. I will give some time for the reported to respond
  11. The initiation given wasn't the best as you said it quite fast and even from your vid @wadizit was quiet. "hands in the air" unfortunately with the mechanics of the island he cant put his hands in the air, what you prob meant to say was hands on your head. It is the initatiors responsibility to make sure it is heard, regardless of whether or not they have earplugs or VON. To me he didnt seem any threat, with no weapon. What i want to see in future is a better initiation from you, so you can take this as a formal warning on your account. As for coming to ts well, it is always best to talk over a situtation than let it fester into a report. This could have been resolved in ts. As for the toxicity, there is no need whoever it was to call someone that as that is quite a derogatory term, what you construe as banter may not be the same for other people and you need to respect this. Don't let it happen again, because next time it probably wont be words of advice. Report closed. NFA
  12. Kamikaze is against the rules, however here considering someone else in the vid said it happened to them, i will give the benefit of the doubt that it may have been a bug. This would not have been caused in the first place anyway if you where not flying over the GZ. Please dont let this happen again. I will stick a note on your record to this effect.
  13. What i would like to know is @wadizis why Dave was killed there ? There didnt seem to be an active gunfight going on here (unless you can prove otherwise) even then he had no weapon on him, neither was he a threat? For me, unless you have some evidence to suggest you where in the right, would need to explain this before i action the report. I will give some time for you to respond.

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