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  1. George

  2. George

    he didn't just say " k " he quoted something i wrote about you and responded with K. And your frag videos are sketchy as fuck.
  3. George

    Lol. You responded to a comment i made and directed at him, that had nothing to do with you. therefore your comment is seen as a response for him.
  4. George

    What kind of response is this? I asked "Why did you need to respond for him?" I'm not quite sure you understand what i am asking. i never wrote "give me your opinion on my tage" But nonetheless thanks for the feedback xoxoxoxoxox.
  5. George

    well as i said why do you need to respond for him ? your just being a dick for the sake of it.
  6. George

    Could ask you the same lmao
  7. George

    well what other reason would you have to respond for him ?
  8. George

    You his bitch or something ?
  9. George

    My bad for the 2 - 3 roach kills i included slice with the reaction not understanding the meme
  10. George

    i initiated on them, then they went to the helicopter... its extremely clear in my footage.
  11. George

    in this video yes you do place your hands on your head but your friend with his gun out runs towards me instantly as i initiate. i suggest next time you have better communication within your gang so you can communicate on the decisions you make. this wouldn't have occurred if your friend didn't run directly towards me with his gun out.
  12. George

    well when i initiate on you, 3 of you ran into the helicopter therefore in my mind you where "escaping" the situation. And i was not 40m away i was barley even 15m away. you can see my marker is 18m and that's past you guys. and you can barley hear me because your audio is extremely low as i said compare it with mine and you will see a huge difference. And my initiation doesn't need to be directly onto you it can be at your gang as a whole so when i initiate and see 3 guys run towards to helicopter to get away i start shooting.
  13. George

    i have a video and it is extremely clear as to what happend. Uploading now will post when its uploaded. But i would like to point out that his in-game audio is extremely low and he doesn't even have earplugs in meaning that it would be extremely difficult for him to hear people initiating on him... Also in my video you see one of there members turn around as if to say "o shit" . compare mine and his audio levels mine is extremely louder and i even have earplugs in.... in his video my MK-1 sounds super quiet.

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