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  1. George

    Well i have already mentioned the fact that your gang has placed this report on the basses of salt because you lost nothing and gained two trucks of LSD. And i'm not angry i'm just responding to what you guys are typing. And your friend brought about the whole demeanor of slapping. And if you was able to back-track and read i have already had given you a reason to why i NLRED. How is that reply in anyway, shape or form toxic?
  2. George

    Its not the fact that you have "fans" its the fact that people are aware of you being toxic... but i'm glad your ego has risen once again. And just because " never been banned for being toxic" Doesn't make you a non toxic person.... xx
  3. George

    im sure your aware of the fact that everyone sees you as toxic due to the HUGE ego you have and the way you act in-game. All these have already been stated but thanks for reminding us. And i believe Bez has already responded to the report you have placed on him.
  4. George

    Well don't start making accusations like "salty" considering the person you are. I find funny how you act like this when given a sour response yet all you do is act toxic towards people in-game and initiate for the purpose of fragging. Yet when it comes down to making a report your all the sudden all about role-play and offending people.
  5. George

    This is hilarious coming from you due to the fact you and your gang has a reputation for being toxic and cancerous towards the community of Reborn. And enjoy combat with minimal role play. i mean what would you know about camorra apart from the fact that you like to come to our checkpoint to iniate and kill members for no reason at all.
  6. George

    Regardless you knew he was somewhere setup watching you otherwise there wouldn't have been two trucks lying around. And you know who i am because all you do is cry when you get slapped in game and i slap you quite often, At least you decide to not roleplay.
  7. George

    Not to mention the fact that this is a report placed purely on salt, you lost nothing and gained two trucks of LSD "so i think this is you being salty tbh" Valuing your life is clearly more important than fighting for your life, Because by fighting for your life, you put your self at risk and died as seen in the recordings.
  8. George

    Again i asked an admin in teamspeak if it was failrp and he confirmed if you have a problem with that go speak with the admin in teamspeak. We decided to say that in-game because we had to idea how to explain " my friend nlred so i shot him in the head" i felt like that would have been a better thing to say considering it was sorta comical and could have made sense in terms of roleplay. You killed me because i honestly thought you would comply but clearly after you jumped out your intentions where not to comply. And how is this "you being salty" when your the one placing the report, Not to mention the fact your gang clearly has a salty grudge against me considering the fact you all creamed your pants when you realised you had a chance to get me banned "Jay POV", Sad tbh. And soon as bez killed you, you instantly started complaining about how he was setup on a roof, so don't lie you have it recorded. And " i saw the opportunity" just because you failrped and succeeded in failrping doesn't make it right.
  9. George

    Regarding this event i had already spoken to PaulS he confirmed that you failrped on me when i was along side your Quiln https://gyazo.com/c12f76ebb0ed6df69f04a6264a5eb123 I then also to reassure the decision to come back because i asked a community support member in the support rooms and he also confirmed that the driver of the quilin failrped. this is the reason that i NLRED because i thought that if someone broke a rule to kill you, you can return. But after speaking with the admins on team speak they said this only applies when you have been Rdmed. therefore i apologise for NLRING but i would like to mention during my process of NLR i never took either of the trucks or killed anyone and my friend shot me because he realised i was breaking a rule therefore i did not interfire with the situation at all apart from the thew gun shots my friend put into my head. my perspective of the quilin driver. - https://gyazo.com/cbb7b6081757ccec6d5ad27f2cc21db4 as you can see his life is at risk and is at a clear disadvantage.
  10. enQii What you doing here? thought u was on GTA. @enQii
  11. Thanks for the advice father.
  12. That is my point not all rebels rob low tier runs but the ones that do just ruin peoples experiences for the players that are clearly in a vulnerable state. and this results in these players leaving the server. but the way this would work is by players who fully understand that they are in a stable position with advanced rebel would be aware that it would be poor for them to rob these runs therefore as a punishment they could have their licence removed. this punishment would be ideal rather than a ban on their account. Although it would only cost 2-5m to get the licences back it would reminded them that they just wasted 2-5m to rob someones copper run and as a result of this he would tell fellow gang members not to rob low tier runs that and being done by newbies.
  13. @Cameron well the reason i have made this suggestion is because i have had multiplier people/friends tell me that they have been robbed whilst doing Tier one runs as a hobo, otherwise i would have found no reason to make this suggestion.

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