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  1. +1 however nice tage
  2. not even bro we just take the piss.
  3. I had consent so I made this since I'm banned again . Drop a sub to my youtube if you want x and also credits to @Theo Wright and check out his stream. He's hardworking and working towards 150 followers and a 24hour stream upcoming when he hits 10 subs so go check him out @ https://www.twitch.tv/theodoshus217
  5. nice tage bro, dont listen to these haters.
  6. Name: sofneo Age: 14 Hours on Arma : 130 buh I ain’t that shit 😂 Previous Gangs: Nightmare, smileyfacegang Bank Balance: 3mil atm Why do you want to join Devious: sick of being in gangs that don’t cooperate and don’t know how to ambush correctly. Also devious has many people within the gang who know me and I am cool with. (Crispy, tidus) Devious looks like the perfect gang for me
  7. @everyone It would be very nice if everyone could drop a sub and like to bump up my reputation
  8. hahahaha god bless him man he just wanted a frag
  9. Thanks for the compliments brother. I have a : i5-7500 clocked at @3.7ghz GTX 1050 Ti (4GB VRAM) NVME 120GB SSD WD 240GB SSD WD 1tb mass storage NZXT Phantom 240 Motherboard is a Z270 SLI plus (very overkill) H150i water cooler
  10. Just upscale brother.
  11. yh i've had the game for less than two weeks brother. I'd say I aint that bad for 2 weeks of having arma as a whole but this montage is based more on the jokes side than just the frags. I have other better frags that I need to make another montage with Ty brother x
  12. Been unbanned and im coming back with a bang . Frags aren't that good just thought i'd make a quick one PS: Watch in 4K ;). And also would appreciate it if you could actually click on the link rather than watch through the forums.
  13. Thats RDM. Idc if im banned from the server. When i get unbanned i want my comp. @Rambo there is no need for another video as these guys will admit there were no prior initiations
  14. @Adam FTW He said hands up. I've clicked the button to put my hands up and it is doing the hands up animation and he can see that my gun is also holstered and he still shoots.
  15. Alright mate. Me rolling with you makes no difference to this as he is allowed to rob me but him killing me is unfair. I've started the animation of putting my hands up and he still shoots Ill upload it later brother i cant im about to go out And I want comp for my gun.

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