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  1. bit late but oooo get ya willy out
  2. If anyone is willing to do me some GFX for free, message me please.

    1. LastNickLeft



  3. Ziffy


    I'm standing up!
  4. meant the event ffs ahaha idk about no NLR, maybe 5 mins.
  5. Yeah please do something about NLR, will die in about 5 mins otherwise
  6. Ziffy

    I'm not doing this to cause drama or start an argument, however I really don't get this whole "value your gear more" for TFU. 99% of us play like we do regardless of whether we get free gear or not. No one would bat an eyelid if we had to pay for it.

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    2. Fuel


      if rebels could buy silencers - thats just it, they cant , so there value goes up, yet the police treat it as if it was nothing.

    3. Fuel


      and fyi Keith the ifrit was pulled out to sell to a rebel. hence why I got pissed, the ifrit has been pulled out 200 times since then.

    4. Fuel


      how are you confused Keith? 


      Pretty sure we’ve only ever pulled the ifrit once and when we lost it you had a go, don’t really see the point of adding it to police if we get shouted at whenever it’s used"

      the only time I had a go was when a cop was abusing this whitelisting to sell ifrits to rebels.


      there is the pulls from this month

  7. Well, from what I'm hearing, glad I didn't log on tonight...

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    2. teeY


      Domt remember asking tbh

    3. ry 2

      ry 2

      would agree if you weren't a leeds fan

    4. andrew.


      I nearly got killed!

  8. As if Sherif got kicked off Love Island for kicking Molly-Mae in the fanny and calling it a pussy punt

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    2. Ziffy
    3. Jordann


      yikes. I now see why you're never on.

    4. Tom Skyline

      Tom Skyline

      up the villa

  9. imagine cheating on a roleplay server, all ill say.
  10. if he was that much of a god he wouldnt have needed to hack. cheers anyway bossman
  11. and you tried piping up about how good you were. bye kiddo
  12. Ziffy

    Titfu Report

    As you can see, I was zigzagging, with absolutely no intention of breaking any rules.
  13. Ziffy

    Titfu Report

    Effort to upload unnecessary footage. Running from one end of an orca to the other to not get shot isn't DPI. Idk who told you it was but it is definitely not lol

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