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  1. Ziffy

    Primary Cap Zone

    I'll snipe at a bank, because usually we're massively outnumbered in terms of skilled players! We don't snipe at caps, but obviously the lack of vehicular devices prevents us from slamming sir! This WILL change after the next update!
  2. Ziffy

    Primary Cap Zone

    Matrox was sat 1.2km out with a fucking Cyrus yesterday, idc if it's on a bench or hill, it's shit. As soon as 1 person does it, everyone does it.
  3. Make a narcotics lockup similar to the APD or HM Treasury. It is robbable by rebels or BW, with something along the lines of a blasting charge or code breaker needing to be placed. When cops bust people doing drug runs, there should be an option - "Send to Narcotics Lockup" and the drugs are then put into the lockup and removed from the truck. This would give more interaction with drugs and when police confiscate drugs they won't just disappear, but the rebels will be able to get them back. Also, it gives a chance for more RP, I feel like less of these will end up in gunfights as for the most part, the drugs will be much less valuable than gold or counterfeit cash so police will give more leeway as far as a compromise goes. It may also give a chance for new RP in terms of maybe people needing to test the drugs for research, or take them to the NHS for medical use etc. I just think this is a cool idea which will add more flavour to RP and is different to anything I've seen before on Altis Life communities.
  4. anyone know what happened to DylNN's internet after I sniped someone? He timed out??

  5. Lard


    1. Lard


      You must have the wrong bowl @Crawfythat’s not me sir


    1. zener
    2. Henne


      thats a fit assist tho tbf

    3. Adam Briggs

      Adam Briggs

      Ew leeds

  7. Ziffy

    Reborn Battlepass

    +1. Great idea x
  8. Where've you gone my love?

    1. LastNickLeft


      Got kicked from the cops for inactivity after Division 2 came out because I didn't show up for a while 😅 I'll probably be back in a few days m8 🙈

  9. -1 to original suggestion Big ass +1
  10. I just think the current TFU base is useless because it’s too far to drive to OG and when you compare it with blackwater and big gangs, the job of getting there is harder for us. People complain that we’re too close and then as soon as we start flying over everyone cries.
  11. Ziffy


    You even able to do that yet?
  12. Decent, but the single frag I got on my balls is superior to any of yours in this.
  13. Swear this contradicts itself. When we come 1 by one how can it be a hoard? Say there’s a 5 minute timer, every 5 minutes it would literally be a fresh wave. Alright maybe group pushes would be more fun but I’ll tell you what, it’d be wayyy more like zombies

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