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  1. mattB

    In game name : mattB Age : 15 Hours on Arma III (Screenshot) : 714  Why do you want to join The Abyss: I want to join as it looks like a very active gang that is always doing big operations and banks, it looks like a very capable gang that is able to handle itself and help me to improve and make money. I have a friend who really recommends this gang and saying how good it is so I’d like to be a part of this gang as I feel that it will help me a lot Bank Balance (Screenshot optional): 7 mil  Previous gangs: none really Anyone in Abyss who can vouch for you: standup Country/Timezone: uk
  2. mattB

    How can you see with that fov nice tage bigman
  3. mattB

  4. mattB

    1000 iq suggestion tbh +1
  5. mattB

    Nice u roleplayer
  6. mattB

    Good luck
  7. mattB

    He didn’t kill any pcsos intiating with a taser, no Kavala clips so ye better than yours
  8. mattB

    How did you get this good
  9. mattB

    Gang disbanded
  10. mattB

    Wtf did I just watch
  11. mattB

    Nice one
  12. mattB

    Don’t put kills such as shooting a pcso with a taser out
  13. mattB

    Too good for arma
  14. mattB

    Finlay decided to remake the gang but is forum banned so I posted it for him
  15. mattB

    Denied - May reapply in 1 week

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