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  1. Breecer Vandin

  2. Breecer Vandin

    well looks like bart is staying for a while xd thanks!
  3. Breecer Vandin

    very friendly guy to talk to +1
  4. Breecer Vandin

    good luck!
  5. Breecer Vandin

    +1 nice human being
  6. Breecer Vandin

    Good luck, hope to see you guys around in game.
  7. Breecer Vandin

    not bad, been better times, some issues still but ill be fine defintely with my expertise i would say thats a solid medium rare
  8. Breecer Vandin

    i think its time to say goodbye to bart, can anyone make me one? xd doesnt have to be a work of art
  9. Breecer Vandin

    looks like a pretty nice meal, i bit too much protein though tbh, only one slice is needed. two at a push
  10. Breecer Vandin

    @andrew.i can spell wdym
  11. Breecer Vandin

    +1 , I agree with tidus as well, it should have some sort of processing time.
  12. Breecer Vandin

    Lightning mate i get where you're coming from, and I understand that you are just trying to stand up for yourself. Me for one thinks the poo emoji doesn't make any sense xD. But the difference is that I don't mind it. It might seem like someone is on purpose attacking you by pooing all over your forum posts but believe me its just people milking an old joke. If you just leave it here, and ignore it, like slice said, stop adding oil to the fire. You are giving them what they want, a reaction, and as valid as the reaction/ counter post may be, they are just going to poop on that as well. So by all means continue doing you on the forums, but if people react to your posts with poop emoji, the best thing to do if you want it to stop is to turn the other cheek and pretend like you didn't see it. I understand also that it might seem a bit of a pisstake to you as well as it seems to just happen to you, but trust me, i have had the same experience countless times, just leave it . PS: THIS IS PROBABLY GOING TO GET POO EMOJIED SO HARD, IF IT HITS 10 POO EMOJIES, I WILL GIVE AWAY MY QULLIN.
  13. Breecer Vandin

    stupid and useless, but nice job on the art
  14. Breecer Vandin

    @Adam.Give it to this lad here if you can.
  15. Breecer Vandin

    give the jet to someone else

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