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  1. https://www.rebornroleplay.com/forms/5-report-a-player/ use this mate also clip doesnt seem to work
  2. Name:+ Breecer Vandin Age:14 Hours on arma 3:https://gyazo.com/041bbacb560ed08353a4088403c127bb Licences: pretty much all of them (important ones anyway) Money: 1mil Why do you think you are a good addition to Wake&Bakee?: have experience in most aspects of the game, more than half of my hours on arma are from reborn so familiar with everything, i dont lose my shit if i die in a gunfight and not that squeaky hopefully. Are you able to attend an Teamspeak interview if needed?: yas Vouches: jag and maybe whitebeard
  3. https://gyazo.com/4be6257393f8939f9f2d41c4835fa8bc
  4. i left blackwater quite a while ago now, while do i still have the forum tags for it?

    1. Scott McTavish

      Scott McTavish

      @Jamz sort out the database BTEC general :D

    2. Banjo_Jo


      Imagine snitching on yourself.. oof.. you could've flexed your tag around lol

    3. Jamz


      Hahahaha, I'll sort it


  5. Who got the bases this time round
  6. i cant say im a fan of the song
  7. how am i supposed to get a weapon then, im not paying for one.
  8. I didn't think he was that annoying but ok
  9. Happy Birthday Benson.

    1. Connor Benson

      Connor Benson

      Thank you Vandin!! 

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