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  1. Breecer Vandin

    some quality roleplay good job leonidas
  2. Breecer Vandin

    i mean I was thinking about beagle street well im proud to hold that title
  3. Breecer Vandin

    well im going to quote you one more time ❤️ i dont want to argue with you, understand people just starting to escalate from the word "sure" also yeah i remember that but i have pretty much left the community for the next couple months or so and also dont take it the wrong way but im not very intent in playing with someone like you again. thanks for your time!
  4. Breecer Vandin

    i have reading what you have been saying and you obviously do care as you keep getting a bit hotheaded and just shit like donkey or goon or dribble or whatever but I dont care about your dog insults, just you take things a bit too far. and also wtf are you on about mate xd
  5. Breecer Vandin

    what life insurance plan should I get?
  6. Happy Birthday mate if it is your birthday

    1. Ryno


      Yeah thanks man

  7. Breecer Vandin

    why do you have to turn some question of curiosity into some long argument or discussion, can you not just leave the answer at its self? ive seen you do it before, it always happens, and you have the right to asking a question sure but it always turns into you flaming everyone. im not trying to argue with you and i dont care you called me a goon, just leave it at this for the love of god.
  8. Breecer Vandin

    happy birthday mate!
  9. Breecer Vandin

    ffs andrew wtf are you doing comparing a kit kat to a koth clip just fucking leave it nice frag montage mate
  10. Breecer Vandin

    You made a really good start, but I dont know the first thing about websites but what I would recommend is use bootstrap, i think based of what your trying to do especially with implementing the colours, vibrancy, text align and so on i think bootstrap could really help. Also i ammend the fact your making a sort of educational one
  11. Breecer Vandin

  12. Breecer Vandin

    i dont know know i mean I completely stand by the exploting bit is wrong and should be come down on harder, but there are many ways to not exploit and still use this feature.
  13. Breecer Vandin

    wtf you forgot jedi breecer
  14. -b±√b²-2(a)(c)



    quadratic formula everyone


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Paul D

      Paul D

      I think you'll find you are wrong young child xn47avw.png

    3. Ryannn


      Ez stuff right there

    4. Breecer Vandin

      Breecer Vandin

      fuck i put 2 instead of 4

      this acid is really doing a number on me

  15. Breecer Vandin

    good luck gentlemen

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