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  1. ♛ Jumper ♛

    Watch out <inappropriate1> @LastNickLeft 😂😂😂
  2. ♛ Jumper ♛

    Aight big man go make me a fresher strider The fact that medics on this server have any sort of armoured vehicle is loopy.
  3. Croatia so deserved that win.


    Congrats to all the French.

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. GreekFreak


      No it's the fact that the Croatian can't see clear because you finally got in a final..yeah you deserved to be in the final and you should be proud but you have to see all the facts

    3. Kierann


      Mate, I'm Scottish... backed France from the beginning....

      But I will just leave this here anyways.


    4. ♛ Jumper ♛

      ♛ Jumper ♛

      Ok football was originally made in Ancient Rome but never on a competitive ground. English people are trying to own everything as usual, as if half the world wasnt enough.

      Football has no ''home''.


      Btw im Irish not Croatian.

  4. ♛ Jumper ♛

    Just keep on doing it get used to photoshop / gimp... heres 3 of my textures for a Police Pack im making
  5. ♛ Jumper ♛

    pro supporter ollie 💯
  6. ♛ Jumper ♛

  7. ♛ Jumper ♛

    Respect mate!
  8. ♛ Jumper ♛

    Decent idea, but ive been looking for where that part of the Strider is for about 1 hour and cant find it hahaha... When I find it, ill have something like that on it dont worry mate
  9. ♛ Jumper ♛

    Police SCO19 Strider V.2 by Jumper Put a bit more time into this one, deffo needs more time but went for a more ''high vis'' as you asked for @Knasen, while still keeping it sort of simple and subdued....
  10. ♛ Jumper ♛

    Give me 10 mins? 😂
  11. ♛ Jumper ♛

  12. ♛ Jumper ♛

    Not exactly a realistic or hard texture to do, but done it anyway because im bored af and my boy Ahmed wanted it. Greyed out Strider (i know, as if SCO19 would have striders), dark grey markings with chevron pattern back door for visibility for civilian drivers, warning markings all around and POLICE mirrored and normal at the front for mirror recognition. All in all, easy texture nothing too hard, any more requests let me know @Steph Curry / AHMEDXZ Inabit
  13. ♛ Jumper ♛

    Thanks mate
  14. ♛ Jumper ♛


  15. ♛ Jumper ♛

    So I broke my ankle the other day so im pretty much glued to my room. Figured I may as well make some textures so I make another Police texture for the hatchback sport, a few minor differences from other peoples designs but pretty much the same basic thing you find... (Its not even half finished so this is just a very early peek at it). As I said, im bored as f*ck so someone send me something you would like to see on server or on something and ill make it. Anything. Sound

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