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  1. Jamz

    Daily Pvp Event

    Yes wel ofcourse but this can rotate one weeks is the above, the week after it’s rebel = run % money increase police = get to use a gun one rank above their current BW = Pawnee in air shop 5 mill for 1 week for example week after it could be rebel = Buy one get one free on quilins/ifrits Police.... BW..... you get the idea
  2. Jamz

    Daily Pvp Event

    If rebels win this “thing”, they get a ghost hawk for a restart of their choice with ammo if police win this “thing”, they get x3 money for each ticket if BW win this “thing” they get a % boost of their selling of runs these are kinda cool ideas that could be adapted to something new each week/month, etc
  3. Jamz

    Daily Pvp Event

    TFU v SRT v Rebel gangs advantage? Maybe something similar to what happened before when a rebel gang won a ghost hawk with ammo for one restart of their choice that was cool
  4. I’ve seen someone jump out of my helicopter before when I’ve been gathering, and then vanish into thin air. just Arma ghosts m8
  5. Felt cute, might delete later 

    1. Dodorex


      Pretty cute not gonna lie

  6. Harry

    congrats on admin 😡

  7. Happy Birthday

  8. Lee

    ɥɐddʎ qᴉɹʇɥpɐʎ

  9. Happy birthday jamz

  10. hap birth

  11. Happy Birthday my dude


  12. Police Is Better than Blackwater 🎂

  13. Epic

    Happy bday general o7

  14. Happy Birthday !!! ❤️


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