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  1. Jamz

    Some people get low fps as it is, leave them be and keep it sunny/night only ffs thanks x
  2. Jamz

    Meh, think its unnecessary, tbh. Nice idea tho
  3. Jamz

    Or at least alphabetical order, maybe
  4. Devastating. What a shame 

  5. Jamz

  6. How do you have a reputation of -8,938?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Jamz


      Because I am loved by Neo

    3. Andres Martinez

      Andres Martinez

      the probably changed it on the admin panel.

    4. Zeroic


      In 8,938 likes, he aint toxic anymore

  7. Jamz

    you mean we barely beat a bunch of cheats, that thought a tap was assault. What a load of wimps. Just because it's the WC doesn't mean cheating is allowed. Think England is the only team that hasn't been cheating so far lOl! Shame you don't support your country though... even I don't watch football... like ever, but I'll at least watch the England games during the world cup!
  8. Jamz

    Grats on Staff Lead!

  9. Jamz

    Think you're taking this way too seriously 🤣 @Jazz
  10. Jamz

    This is why you don't have tier 2 and I do. You need the music taste that no one appreciates
  11. Jamz

    Wtf. No You need to go educate yourself if you think pretending to rape someone is a good idea, this is messed up
  12. Jamz

    Yeah they're both really good
  13. Great reputation jamz

    1. Jamz



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