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  1. Jamz

    Unbind ur watch then???
  2. Jamz

  3. Jamz

    or check that you have space before purchasing something lol
  4. holy sh1t m8 wat happened to ur reputation

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    2. Jamz


      ok story time.

      I was ex-staff lead with Wilma Fingerdoo and Rambo. Wilma is the last OG standing. Anyway, I had a mard on one night and told the owners to delete my forum profile becuz i was "done wit dis shit". Then I came back, couldn't recover my deleted profile, made a new one, asked for my old rep back that was on my old account, like 3k+ rep. Neo said "no cant be done" then set it to -9000 instead.


      😃 (Y)

    3. Adam.
    4. Ethan Armani

      Ethan Armani

      shady tactics that neo 

  5. Jamz

    Can it be a "super power"? Cuz being able to control the elements would be mine. If it has to be something REAL, then i really like your answer of infinite knowledge. But yeah infinite money would be fab! Hahah Everything in life requires knowledge or wealth, in terms of living comfortable.
  6. Why is it that whenever i see your name on this forum you're talking about how you have LOADS of money. You're beginning to really come across as a huge douchebag dude. You know that you can just google it but just so everyone knows you have some spare cash you better ask for that link 🤣 Your entire profile screams spoilt brat, having "arguments" about how you can donate more than someone else, constantly doing giveaways and the whole, "like me and ill give you stuff" attitude is really cringe. Just a bit of advice... stop talking about money like you're some millionaire. No one likes it. Oh also, here u go took me 5 seconds: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=rtx+graphics&oq=rtx+graphic&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0j69i60l2j0l2.4649j0j7&client=ms-android-samsung&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8 Why dont u announce you're giving away 20 of them or something
  7. Jamz

    Admins at times have to deal with lots of rule breaks within short periods of time. Meaning everytime they ban someone they would have to record it, and if you arent using shadow play, that could be hours of recording and video editting, and a massive amount of storage space needed. Also, how long would u expect an admin to keep a video of a rule break on file in his hard drive? How many people would get away with rule breaks because admins are having to close their game to get footage from recording software that requires you to end ur game so it saves the file. It is a lot of work for something not needed and a massive amount of time wasted. Admins dont just ban for the fun of it, and majority of them im sure still appear and speak to u if its minor offences such as picklocking in GZ. Admins also im sure write brief descriptions of the event on ur ban log on Battlemetrics.
  8. Jamz

    Bf bad company 2 is the best idgaf. too good
  9. Jamz

    Very good communication from the owners of the community, thanks for the time and effort you put into this, Neo and Fuel.
  10. Jamz

  11. Jamz

    All you people saying u dont care and Battlefield isnt realistic... lol. Bf has ALWAYS been the more realistic game with destructible surroundings, armed vehicles, realistic gameplay etc, So yes it does matter and Lightning does have a point, they have ruined the bf name by not having it historically accurate, just like fucking COD did with all their spaceships ans jetpacks games ideas, hence why they've gone back to "boots on the ground" cuz the COD devs realised they fucked up, just like BF are fucking up now
  12. Jamz

    What. If a medic is trying to revive 20 injured people, and an armed rebel tells him to stop or he'd be shot, he should leave the area, if he does not, the rebel should shoot near him as a warning, if he does still not leave, the rebel can then shoot him.? What's the problem with this rule?
  13. Jamz

    Flexing bank balance online... You lot remind me of Lil Tay... i hate Lil Tay
  14. 311635f633eaf02222f4ff29dc5d78b5.pngMessage me on Steam please bby

    1. Jamz


      I dont think I have u on Steam, also Premier Inn are shit and I haven't worked there in like years lol

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