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  1. Ingame name:5IVE 7EVEN Age:19 Bank account balance:LIKE 8MIL Previous gangs:Ascenison,bananas and AVC Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot):2000 Why do you want to join Xtacy:Dedicated roleplayer Can any members vouch for you? anyone from ascension and many roleplay gangs
  2. Before is stopped playing here i was rdmed i was wondering if i could still make a request
  3.  bought barnyard on pc for 8 pound hounstley best purches today

    1. jamsta


      Free Download


      I thought it was free?

    2. JammalCammal


      i coundnt find it for free but whatever still worth it


  4. finally found food after 6 days of searching
  5. Tbf was promised food if i visted this thread im dissapointed Nice tage any way (still looking for food
  6. well after reading this a good way around all this is create an application and have staff or management white listed them for a postion its just an idea another one could be we ignore it and leave it the way it is or again have community q&a that walt our community liason could deal with and put suggestion that would befit our community and ruin it that way it would be filtred But again just my opion on it

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