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  1. Name: BgKSteam ID: 76561198149710577Number of tickets: 850,668 JK 2Custom Number Picks (Write Random if you want a random pick): Every number possible, Random
  2. Viobot says he wants to put 2.2 mil down
  3. page up ^ page down v
  4. Welcome back Community Support BgK xdddddd 

  5. I don't want to accept my account being wiped but I understand that is what has to happen if i do want to get unbanned. Copper runs here I come.
  6. In-game name: Chopstick Steam ID: 76561198149710577 Date of ban: 08/11/17 Staff member that banned you: I don't know Reason for ban: Duping Why do you think you were banned: Duping Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: It was justified. If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: I got banned for duping a load out from my house. I recently just got back to the server from taking a 4-month break from arma. I stopped playing Arma because I didn't find it fun. It was just the same old every single day but after coming back with some friends, I was enjoying Arma again. I got lazy and decided that I couldn't be bothered to do runs (Even though I had enough money for a little while) so I decided to dupe a couple of loadouts to make life easier for me. There isn’t really an excuse for what I have done. I’m truly sorry for what I have done and would appreciate another chance to be a part of the community. Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: My stupidity Please confirm you’ve read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes #BgKforCommunitySupport
  7. 598e29f323efa_Allahsmessengers.thumb.jpg.3d312db46b2b7c54cfa3e30e493e2e27.jpg

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  8. Fair enough
  9. Keeeeeeeeeeeen as shit for this
  10. It's a shame that people would abuse it because it would be nice to have them but it is what it is It could be an advanced rebel thing only(if it was implemented). smallest backpack so you couldn't do runs with it and it also limits the amount of guns/stuff that you can put in there.
  11. Some invisible backpacks for civs. Make them a little more expensive that there visible counter parts. Opinions?
  12. On behalf of Steven, he says "Because I wasn't on teamspeak at the time, doesn't mean that you actually tried to resolve the situation. I rejoined the server after restart so you could have contacted me in game to come to TS. I will happily resolve this in 3 hours time once my teamspeak ban is up"
  13. Community Support BgK is on his return.
  14. I have one without mags
  15. I have a solution Like

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