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    no you don't, https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1570052786
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    Your Dad

    In-game name: Your Dad Steam ID: 76561198172055451 Date of ban: 05/09/19 Reason for ban: Killing someone in rtc / toxic Staff member that banned you: Bob Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Killing someone in RTC: I understand why Bobb wanted to ban me for the RTC and as soon as it happened I was aware of what happened but the reason I called him a cunt was out of pure anger as I feel like he has had it out for me (Talk about this later) but the guy I killed was fine with it. He even went into Teamspeak and told Bob that I shouldn't get banned for it. I don't think I should have got banned for it because cheesecake knew I didn't do it intentionally and even went out of his own way to tell bobb not to ban me but bobb said he would ban me for 4 months even after cheesecake said it was fine. I would like to point out that I feel like this was a targetted ban, because whilst spectating me he didn't care when the other exploited or did the same thing I did. 1. The people I was chasing, before the RTC exploited by throwing down spike strips whilst they were in the car. 2. It wasn't only me stealing from the people in the RTC, my friend was next to me doing the same thing but he wasn't brought by the admin for questioning. 3. He & Outsyder banned me before for: VDM: https://plays.tv/video/5cc5e0e60eed499c0a/was-on-my-side-of-the-road-to-be-fair?from=user Initiating after RTC: https://plays.tv/video/5cc5c67ade727e8691/and-the-guy-is-an-admin?from=user The videos above^ were the reasons why I was banned last time. Of course, both of them make no sense. The first one wasn't really 'VDM' and the guy I crashed into was on the wrong side of the road. Secondly the 'Initiation after RTC' was stupid because pulling in-front of someone to make them stop isn't an RTC, especially when we don't break his car. Toxic: We were talking about the ban and considering everything above and since I was just unbanned I was upset. The whole conversation was without any swearing and by the end, he really pissed me off so I called him a "cunt". I don't think calling someone a "cunt" should be considered Toxic, especially when this was the first time I swore at him. Why should we unban you? I don't feel like the ban was really justified since the person I killed was my friend and didn't mind it. I don't think that should justify a ban, especially since no one was around to witness it or get their 'RP Ruined'. I apologize to bobb, I probably shouldn't have called him a cunt, but he pissed me off. After almost everything, I said he would start talking about me still getting banned, just for shooting someone who said it was fine. It's pretty upsetting being banned twice by the same guy for a stupid reason in a very short time period. Think he was just upset that he got told off or something by Wilma.
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    I don't agree. The reason we have bans is because we don't want people to ruin RP for others. This is the problem, because if you RDM a friend you aren't ruining anything for them because in TS everyone will just have a laugh about it. It's even worse when you RDM them and no one witnesses it except you and your friends because it isn't possible for you to ruin the RP for anyone. 1. only called him a <inappropriate2> once (only 'toxic' thing I did) 2. he was literally about to give me a 4-month ban and then gave me a perm after I said <inappropriate2>.
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    eg. - Just RDMD someone. If the person you just rdmd didn't care or you just resolved it with them, why should you get banned? This is the only 'actual' playable server on reborn and I have gotten banned twice now for doing something that the other person didn't care about/we resolved. ---------------- I don't know why but this bob guy just likes getting me banned. I'm in a sit where I vdmd someone (right after they spike stripped me while driving btw). After, we see them dead (me & friend) and we decide to go take their gear and then I ended one of them because I forgot about the rtc. The guy I did this to is my friend and didn't care, he also told him to in ts that he didn't care and still for some reason if you break a rule which no one cares about and no one witnessed you do you will still go straight to a ban. I feel like this is a targetted ban because: first off, No admin I have talked to have gone straight to the ban before actually talking to me. second, My friend that broke the rules with me was let go with no punishment by the admin.
  5. @Matt Brodydeleted my video after you said you didn't have one. I can comp if you want since I guess I no longer have any video of anything. Don't know what else we can do. If you want comp I can definitely send it over.
  6. Your video shows nothing and you can't provide one that can show something. I don't want to waste my time to get a video together for no reason.
  7. You are reporting me.. You are required (im sure) to get a 3 minute+ video from when you shot my friend up until where I kill you?
  8. I kept eyes. I waited until a better shot and then you were pulled up on the side of the road and decided to come kill you then. If possible could you get a longer vid from when you killed my friend? (needs to be +3min)
  9. Have fun purchasing your new vehicle at Mctavish Motors! Edit: I saw the turd emoji!
  10. just because it is a restart doesn't mean everyone loses their gear
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    Strip weapons

    +1 it removes attachments for some reason.
  12. I left the qilin after you got executed.
  13. Yeah.. you said you didn't have any video. You never showed me the video up there. You showed me a video of someone vdming you for some reason. You were wasting my time and I got a bit upset that I came into ts and stopped playing to see you get vdmd by someone.
  14. Yeah again sorry. I am free to come ts rn if you want @Luggga
  15. Yeah, sorry mate I would have been able to comp you in ts about this but when we were talking you only showed me some video of you getting vdmd by someone. While initiating I seemed to have gotten a bit confused and since I started the initiation I kind of jumped the gun and just shot. I haven't played in a while (this is no excuse) so I kind of jumped the gun and just shot you. Once again really sorry, we can talk in TS more if you want comp or just sort it out.
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    *Donating to server cbjo: "Nah, don't know where the money will go so no" This whole post makes me cringe mate.

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