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  1. you try putting ts and chrome on the same drive?
  2. sbondo1234


    Thanks for the suggestion, I'm not until a lot of the things get ironed out. I think a lot of other people a frustrated with a lot of things reborn has done wrong. Hopefully, this gets the attention of devs and whatnot so things get fixed.
  3. sbondo1234


    Are you guys stupid? I don't like the server, it has turned into something worse than it was before.
  4. sbondo1234


    lol bad can't stand 15 minutes of it anymore we can only hope it gets better
  5. sbondo1234


    I would rather be playing on the default framework by tonic with a few more features, than what happens when I play now. I get it's an RP server, but I think a lot of people can agree that most of the times it is for the frags. Don't know what happened, but this server used to be the least laggy server I had played on in a while and now it is one of the laggiest. I can't count how many times I have died because I got someone teleporting or getting one tapped in the foot. Honestly really annoying, because you spend money you worked hard for buying expensive gear just to be let down by dying instantly because some bs happens. Instead of upgrading the server downgrade the features. Not sure if that makes sense but just make it more barebones. A lot of people play Reborn for frags. If you play for frags ( most of us ) then you wouldn't mind if we had fewer ROLEPLAY things to do around the map. We can have a few hotspots for gear/few runs and the rest of the map should be empty for people to frag in.
  6. ill take 10mill thank you
  7. break a leg... oh wait
  8. IGN: Nualovi Mendana Hours on Arma 3: 3k Bank Balance: 15mill Previous Gangs: Hive & Eternal Vouchers: Fallen, Finlay & Sammy
  9. I recommend this Geforce 6800 mine works great, I'm playing roblox on ultra
  10. Try looking in rpt logs, you might find some more information about the error you are getting. You can find them here: C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Arma 3 If you cant find anything in the logs that makes any sense then google is your friend.
  11. Crafting Ifrits would be nice, because when I sit there for a while doing runs I feel bad about spending that much on one.
  12. From Kavala to Airport there are like a million fuel stations. I almost never run out of fuel because I don't go past a fuel station when I see that I need fuel.
  13. Can you even relog in handcuffs?
  14. Think I posted something like this before, but I have realised that buying gear is an art form. You shouldn't be able to buy it instantly because if someone suddenly arrived you would instantly have a full loadout and you could kill them, its fun to have to buy gear really fast when you hear someone's car coming.

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