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  1. sbondo1234

    https://www.rebornroleplay.com/profile/6901-sbondo1234/ didn't have to do anything with this link, you can click on it.
  2. sbondo1234

    +1 this is why I joined cops, rebel life got a bit stale and you ran out of things to do pretty fast. Would love for new random things like this to happen.
  3. sbondo1234


    very good!
  4. sbondo1234

    NICE! 1:30 did you kill the cop as well? XD
  5. sbondo1234

    very nice of you
  6. sbondo1234

    I thought this happened, I guess not though. If it is can we have notification 2 minutes before it is cleaned up so we know to go get it and stop that from happening (like RPUK).
  7. sbondo1234

    I would like more fps, but it does ruin the point of ghillies and sneaking up on people/hiding from them.
  8. sbondo1234

    it's user action 16 right? I set it up and it never worked for me at all.
  9. sbondo1234

    It is a cool MOD tis vanilla server
  10. -1, every vehicle I have, which I frequently use I have more than 1 of, so If I were to store them I could take a different one out.
  11. sbondo1234

    If you want to warn a helicopter to leave or are not sure if it is involved so want to make sure it knows there is a gunfight you should be able to use normal bullets to shoot near the helicopter. You can very easily hear bullets in a helicopter that is in the air and it's super obvious when you are being shot at so you should be able to warm people without tracers.
  12. sbondo1234

    wow thanks VOTE ME FOR MAYOR (after i make the thing, hold out on voting pleez)
  13. sbondo1234

    holy moly good job on this
  14. sbondo1234

    It's funny how no one tried
  15. sbondo1234

  16. sbondo1234

    This is probably one of the main things I like about this server.
  17. sbondo1234

  18. @Fuel @Neomy borthday in 2year. gib me borthday persent

    1. sbondo1234


      @PaulS chrosmis is 1008 days, send persent to po box 10661 SWA 452, sbondFinance Office

    2. PaulS


      Couldn't give a shit.

  19. sbondo1234

    i have been here less than that!
  20. sbondo1234

    helo dis gut
  21. sbondo1234

    Basically, civs being able to Alt 1 helis/planes to tell them to leave. Would have to buy some sort of device at rebel which allows you to alt+1 air vehicles OR NOT I don'T mind. A custom message to helicopters in the air would be nice, so you can kindly tell them there is an active sit instead of having to initiate. If not a custom message at least an option of preset messages. (alt+1=initiation & alt+2=warning, but not including initiation) This technology is patented by sbondCorp.

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