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  1. you deserve better than this ;( RIP sbondo

    1. Fuel


      yup you deserved to be perm banned for duping like you now are.

      you and your 2 friends duping mk200's

  2. sbondo1234

    Maybe this should be introduced and only available to people who buy a warehouse (when the warehouse update comes out).
  3. sbondo1234

    Good Luck
  4. sbondo1234

    Is it possible I have the video of the 'trolling'?
  5. sbondo1234

    If an officer tases a gang member of yours then your gang members can shoot at the officers?
  6. Blog 11

    Just been banned

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. DiscoCat


      you will not be missed 🤣

    3. sbondo1234
    4. Slice


      mr I f5 my profile 22000 times

  7. sbondo1234

    In-game name: N. F. Mendana Steam ID: 76561198172055451 Date of ban: 07/12/2018 Reason for ban: 'RDM' Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: It was unjustified, I was banned before being questioned even though I did nothing wrong. My friend was tased which means we are initiated on cops, we kept eyes on top of a hill until we decided we wanted to go kill them. I went down to go kill them and was able to get two, and right after I got banned. Why should we unban you? I was banned for no reason right after I killed two cops.
  8. sbondo1234

    Wait not for sale?
  9. sbondo1234

    sick deal fam
  10. sbondo1234

    Requirements To Join: 500+ Hours (Exceptions Can Be Made) Experience Advanced Rebel Speak English Application: Name (in-game): Steam ID 64 (use steamidfinder.com): Hours On ArmA 3: Money In Bank: Do you have Advanced Rebel: Can Anyone In Envy Vouch For You: Roster
  11. sbondo1234

    Are you thinking somewhere in-city on the road or out in the fields?
  12. sbondo1234

    .pngs don't work, but this is very helpful. I used the old guide and found things I got were not needed. Thanks.
  13. sbondo1234

    A processor would give risk, maybe a place to sell near well-populated areas. Not Kavala green zone of course. Agios?
  14. sbondo1234

  15. sbondo1234

    Very nice sir

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