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  1. +1 as it makes it clear to new players.
  2. none and thats what flix is saying
  3. please answer me, dan

    1. Aquaman



  4. how are you feeling tonight?

    1. Aquaman


      I am feeling good

    2. cccccc


      Glad to hear that, dan! I am also having a great night, but I think it would be even greater by your side. Please send me a message at your earliest convenience.

                                                                                             Your only one, 


  5. hello dan! 

    1. Aquaman



  6. think hes talking about the Event you're hosting
  7. from what i read online (could be wrong) you have to load up your game with the new DLC loaded so you are basically paying for a MOD which isn't in the base game so like cheesecake said its not possible to add them in without killing the player base.
  8. nah he hasnt responded to my question
  9. Aquaman


    yh its infi ban
  10. pointless rule and this pretty much sums up what will happen 9/10 times someone gets initiated on
  11. i mean next time i'll have plays recording you initiating on my friend but thats besides the point just tell me how much comp and what time you can get on.
  12. can i get unbanned curry man????  😖😭😭😭

  13. dont have video of it but my gang member told me he just got initiated on at gunstore whilst i was down the road as you can see i pull up at 0:38 you even say the black suv drove by me AGAIN which shows that you noticed i was here before. Since you were one of the only people there with a weapon out i opened fire upon you because you were in the area where my friend was killed in. Since i didn't get it on record that i kept eyes i am more than happy to compensate you if an admin suggests that i should.

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