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  1. Fallenツ

    In-game name: Fallen Steam ID: 76561198095902501 Date of ban: 01/06/2018 Reason for ban: Duping Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: My ban was fully justified. Why should we unban you? I think I should be unbanned cuz I know my mistake and know how dumb it was and regret it. I would like a second chance and be able to play on this community again.
  2. Fallenツ

    eeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhh sauly that waes pratty goud
  3. Fallenツ

  4. Fallenツ

    Good shit!
  5. Fallenツ

    Feedback is Appreciated! Last
  6. Fallenツ

    Nah Im good boio
  7. Fallenツ

    Feedback is Appreciated boios
  8. Fallenツ

  9. Fallenツ

    In-game Name: Fallen Steam ID: 76561198095902501 Date of the incident: 06/27/2018 Time of the incident: 22:10 Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: mk1 and gear and dms 350k Please provide as much detail as possible: I was in a gunfight and died but it all ended and I was good to be revived but then the server crashed when I had all my gear on my like my gun and everything. this was around the time when the server was just getting shut down over and over again. Any Evidence Available: https://youtu.be/qDb82qakBiM
  10. Fallenツ

  11. Fallenツ

    I was doing a run with mendana and I was sitting in this house and I started hearing footsteps behind the house out of nowhere and it wasn't like they faded in they just started stomping around right next to me, just looks kind of fishy https://plays.tv/video/5b2ffea30f818dd6b4/-?from=user
  12. Fallenツ

    GLa< I dont have the speakteam mister!
  13. Fallenツ


  14. Fallenツ

    nutty shit
  15. Fallenツ

    There's no need for the comp I don't know how but its back I guess the ppl that stole it just blew it up this comp request can be closed. @Jordd

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