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  1. The fact you care soo much about him is even more sadder mate
  2. Cynical


    @Ram Ranch Thanks for the illustration
  3. Cynical


    Glad you didn't mate its actually funny how hard they lick your arse
  4. Cynical


    Get a education instead of getting your mom to spend 5k on a PC so you can waist ure life on arma 3
  5. Cynical


    @andrew.Can you get your dog to stop barking at me
  6. Cynical


    Relax big man I know ure uncle might of seen this photo a lot but I dont
  7. Cynical


    Upset over what. I have seen a photo of you recently you look like this
  8. Cynical


    You love taking the piss out of people online when ure 5'1 with a bowl cut.
  9. Cynical


    You chat soo much shit online it’s unbelievable
  10. Used the song like 2 weeks ago but n1 x

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    2. cr^zed


      why is his dog crying in the backround

    3. Jamz


      Love how all his friends are laughing but he's fuming

    4. ! cbjo

      ! cbjo

      How his face goes from Laughing to angry

  12. Cynical


    In-game name: Cynical Steam ID: 76561198333456351 Date of ban: 07/01/19 Reason for ban: I was banned for treating to grab IPS on the team-speak Staff member that banned you: Conner Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I believe that the ban was justified from the person i was " threatening to grab ips " because from his pint of view it could look like I was but I was simply explain the fact that I could or anyone else could grap his ip in seconds its nothing hard. I also thought the person could take a bit of banter and when he got offened by it I left the room on teamspeak and I wasn't trying to D-DOSS anyone. believe me I have never owned a booter and will never as i think its a childish act to do. Again if any admin saw it , yes it would come accros as a rule break but i never went looking for his IP as i really did not care. Why should we unban you? I think that I Should be unbanned as im a active member of the community and have been playing here for a long time and have put a lot of dedication for it. Also the fact that I wasn't trying to grap his IP or do anything with it. Last if I was to be unbanned I am planning on taking any chance given very serious and playing on the community by following all the rules
  13. as i have a season ticket for arsenal and supported them all my life im going to have to go with Arsenal

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