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  1. xReapzz

    Ik But what happend is that i didnt see him but i lucky shot XD
  2. xReapzz

  3. xReapzz

    Yeh i see, its not a problem to make another theme. Since i got the theme now i would make some examples.
  4. xReapzz

    Should be an easy fix fuel, explain better to me when i come home fuel.
  5. xReapzz

    I made an Ice Cream Truck Boxer Skin. Who wants this added? And should it be special or should everyone be avaible to get it?
  6. xReapzz

    Other servers made it work, hope it gets implemented still... Annoys me sometimes when kids just logout and back in
  7. xReapzz

    No i dont think it should work that way, if you switch to a faction example; medic it will be reset..
  8. xReapzz

    Also depends on witch specs you got on your computer.. If you parts starting to be outdated you might need to change some more parts... Have you configured the bios so it copitable with your current os? Maybe you can show me your problems then it would been easier. But they should really be just plug and play, i believe, was easy installing it on my school laptop atleast.
  9. xReapzz

    A lot of other communites have this thing called softlog timer.. I think this would be a good and resonable thing to this server. Its not to hard to implement i belive, and it works great. It works as this; if you want to softlog, you log out and log back in again then you will get an timer example: 5 mins. This makes it a lot more boring for those who want to change location quick..
  10. xReapzz

    I have one of em aswell, really good.. My windows runs like an god on it
  11. xReapzz

    Letzz go bois
  12. xReapzz

    It is not about the pc, i run my game on ultra settings. The reason to add this is just to make it easier for people to get a look when they are sniping.
  13. This script do so you can scroll on middle mouse botton and press "remove grass" then it makes it easier to lay down in any kind of terrain to snipe or be a marksman! I have the script laying on the computer still, from when i created a server. It is very use full and will help players, it is not a form of cheating. Just a easier way to get a better view when sniping https://gyazo.com/6d31ce43bc47d46aa373fc8faa6479d1 here you can see a clip from the action!
  14. xReapzz

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