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  1. xReapzz

    @HartleoI just changed it because i was unsure of the prices
  2. xReapzz

    Item: TRU Hunter Proof of ownership: Will add later on Buy now price: 8 million Starting bid: 5 million Minimum bid increment: 500 000 End date: 1/1/2019
  3. xReapzz

  4. xReapzz

    On Hold @Jagcome to teamspeak and we will have a chat. _______________________________________________________________
  5. xReapzz

    On Hold Come teamspeak and we will have a talk. @Kytsa
  6. xReapzz

    Yeh i didnt notice the power lines
  7. xReapzz

    Damn, i almost shit myself, because i was reading sidechat and that shit came out of no where
  8. xReapzz

  9. xReapzz

    I was not paying attention......... https://gyazo.com/919a7a9274411fc5ff63fc0066ec99b7
  10. xReapzz

    In-game Name: xReapzz Steam ID: 76561198115760534 Date of the incident: 10/22/18 Time of the incident: 19.56 Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: 66 Gold Bars Please provide as much detail as possible: We did an robbery at the Gold trader, then suddently the server crashed. We gained access to the trucks but didnt get a inventory screenshot, but the police comfirmed that 66 goldbars were stolen. @Adam Briggscan confirm that 66 gold bars where stolen. Any Evidence Available: Conformation on Gold Bar quantity - https://prnt.sc/l94c9a 2nd HEMT - https://gyazo.com/ee67e486782886414bb15ac68c2d3b5a 2nd HEMMT Location ( Where Kral and Ryn McConnor is on top right of the map) - https://gyazo.com/53f681c764eaca67b7bcc6fd93380c90 Kral coming back after shooting the HEMMT and server going down - https://gyazo.com/9e7c78da145e4c3524aff2fc6925306c Coming back after the crash with hopes of finding the trucks there but it being dissappeared - https://gyazo.com/98cc4a44047002fbfdef39337ce9e363 Conformation of our locations after the server is back - https://gyazo.com/f824a314505a62fbc94bc8ad0e4e1bc0
  11. xReapzz

    Ik But what happend is that i didnt see him but i lucky shot XD
  12. xReapzz

  13. xReapzz

    Yeh i see, its not a problem to make another theme. Since i got the theme now i would make some examples.
  14. xReapzz

    Should be an easy fix fuel, explain better to me when i come home fuel.
  15. xReapzz

    I made an Ice Cream Truck Boxer Skin. Who wants this added? And should it be special or should everyone be avaible to get it?

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