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  1. This helped me to get some free skins (worth $2-3) Everybody has his opinion about it, but it is free!
  2. Are you searching for some Gaming music ? Take a look at this channel = https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvst_85kIclm-m3bNfgt5fw We are creating some Nightcore / speed up songs, perfect for gaming Any tips or suggestions for new songs ? Let me know Example of what kind of videos we make =
  3. Yes i did, but the problem is Solved now. It was my key binding for opening the map that fucked it up. So I use another key binding now, and it is working! Thanks for the help.
  4. I get messages like "[player name] is requesting EMS revive" (or something like that). But i don't see a symbol on the map. So there are enough players that are needing my help, thats not a problem
  5. Yep, there were players that needed a revive. I checked it a few times. I asked my colleague and he saw the symbol on the map. So it is only for me i guess.
  6. I got whitelisted to the AMS today but i am unable to see my colleagues on the map, i can't see a symbol when somebody needs a revive neither. I have bought a GPS (more then one time and I replaced them) But it is not working. I relogged a few times and i closed my Arma and restarted it. But my MAP/GPS is still bugged. Anybody an idea how to fix ? Regards, Braathund (John Smith)

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