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  1. Usman

    Crude Oil

    Ok Thanks❤
  2. Np boys usman will be there for you in future as well
  3. Result Announced For 1 Mil Winner! @DodorexContact me for your 1 Mil @Musta Contact me for you 5 Mil Thanks:
  4. Doing another spin to choose the winner of 1 mil and then i will announce the both member and contact with them Result will be Announced in 2 Min Regards: Usman
  5. Result Announced! As the winner is Musta and He is my gang member and i feel bad for all of you that you guys try to win this and my gang member won and this was a Random spin luck choose him but As i had done polling before and you people choose the winner should be 1 and i feel that this is your fault but its alright i know humans make mistake so i will do one more spin of 1 mil and it will pick random person and that 1 mil goes to him. Thanks! Regards : Usman
  6. this one was last person i accepting but after this the spin will not happen again Redoing spin
  7. announcing the result in 3min
  8. Going to do a Random spin in 5 min and the result will announce in 10min
  9. Update the winner will announce in 30 min Reannounced the date of result is today Announcing the winner today In 30 min
  10. Usman

    Crude Oil

    Ooo nicu i need more XP
  11. Usman

    Crude Oil

    how much you earned with 1 run of crude oil?
  12. Usman

    AAA Fail rp

    you can warn them and point the gun at them and say leave the area or you will get shot, if they still dont go then give them a warning shots and then give them final warning and then if they still not leaving you are allowed to kill him as it upon a situation. If they say that you cant kill AAA you can simply say that yes sir i cant but you are abusing the system and i also warned you many times and also give you warning shots but you was not valuing your life. Or tell him to come to ts and talk with him why he was doing that and resolved it. if he dont come to ts you have the video and then you can report him for not valuing his life but first try to talk with him or try to resolve with him.

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