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  1. L. Honore

    @Loxton #Nochill ##Nofilter I was speaking of the mention of TiDus, who is currently an Athira Sergeant
  2. Update: The Deck now has over 130 cards, including 15 blacks and 125 whites. I'm always looking for more, so don't be afraid to suggest something.
  3. L. Honore

    @Matthew Darhk thx for the feedback bro
  4. For those that aren't aware, the Athira Constabulary has created a public feedback form so that civilians, medics, etc can let Athira Command know what out officers are doing well, or where they can improve. I highly encourage the use of this form as it helps Athira Command see who needs to work on what and it helps our best officers get the recognition they deserve. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdrLw7hVzNfclbbI52l1z5KMz_-1o8EnMal7M5FYvyPCJxt6Q/viewform DSGT Leonidas Honore AT727 | Athira Green Command
  5. L. Honore

    Athira Command has received your feedback and is glad to hear it. If it isn't too much trouble, please fill out a public feedback form using the link below so we have your feedback in our system. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdrLw7hVzNfclbbI52l1z5KMz_-1o8EnMal7M5FYvyPCJxt6Q/viewform DSGT Leonidas Honore AT727 | Athira Green Command
  6. Will be added later today Edit: Added
  7. Black = Prompt, question or similar White = response I can reformat it to be Black: My forum report _ White: Was dealt with by Rage if you like
  8. L. Honore

    Zombie virus?
  9. Already did police/camorra Will be added later today
  10. To all the CSO's and PCSO's out there:

    I will over the next couple of days, be making a class on quizlet as a study aid for you with information you will need for your tests, if you would like a link to this, pm me.

    1. Dylan Soutar

      Dylan Soutar

      better not be leaking Academy information, I'll put the FBI on this

    2. L. Honore

      L. Honore

      @Dylan Soutar everything i put in there is just common knowledge that can be found in the handbook, but in an easy to study format

  11. Thanks for the suggestion. Both will be added later today. Edit: Added to the deck
  12. I'm going to try and put together an Arma 3 themed reborn roleplay cards against humanity deck through cardcast. If you have any ideas for black or white cards, please put them below. You WILL be credited Deck has been created. Quick code 3F9H4
  13. L. Honore

    No clue what any of that means tbh

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