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  1. L. Honore

    Probably will do Fair and accurate advice as always Knasen A lot harder to do when it happens to you
  2. L. Honore

    Everyone that knows me in-game knows that I try to reward a well thought out rp story whenever I can, this ranges from me giving SEVERELY reduced tickets, all the way to dismissing the charges against a person and pardoning them with just a warning. However, especially recently, I feel like the feeling isn't mutual and sometimes I get the same result no matter what I do. For example there was one civilian in particular (i'm not going to name names) that rped suffering from amnesia. I brought in Tidus as an "amnesia expert" and ended up giving the guy a £20,000 fine even though he faced a potential £120,000 in fines according to the handbook. How does he say thank you? Later in the same patrol, the guy kidnaps me and strips my gear as if i'd given him the full £120,000. What am I supposed to do when s*** like this happens?
  3. L. Honore

    For 200 you can get senheisser headphones, idk how much the mic costs
  4. L. Honore

    I'd be free for an interview whenever I'm on
  5. Not supposed to be but I can't figure out why my recording software is laggy af, but i get about 20-30 fps in game
  6. I would love to, but for the life of me I can't figure out what's causing the issue.
  7. L. Honore

    A belated happy birthday my dude
  8. L. Honore

    I have recently become aware of a method of streaming to both YouTube and Twitch at precisely the same time. I shall list the pros and cons as I see them below. Please make your arguments to aid me in deciding whether or not to pursue this below. Pros: -Exposure to audiences on both YouTube and Twitch -Access to donation methods of both the YouTube and Twitch platforms -Streamlabs would show notifications from both YouTube and Twitch Cons: -I can watch the YouTube OR Twitch chat at any given point, not both -I haven't posted on Twitch in ages -I have no clue why, but even while streaming just YouTube, Streamlabs lags quite a bit
  9. L. Honore

    #BigBoyRoy +1 Top Lad
  10. L. Honore


    Streamlabs OBS ftw
  11. Your a legend L.Honore

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