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  1. Might help if you're a bit more specific
  2. We still have plenty of positions for anyone that is interested in joining btw
  3. I've been the #ForeverDCI for 123 days. Will I ever get DCC? Tune in next week to find out 

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    2. Daniel


      What he said wasn't criticism, it was lies and it was attacking leo, and I haven't said he'll be banned I said he'll be punished @Ross Stensfield

    3. Ross Stensfield

      Ross Stensfield

      @Danielidk man i would not say it was attacking personally but it doesnt really matter anyway cuz who dafuq am i and also how else are you suppose to punish someone? isnt a ban the normal way of punishment?

    4. Brian Duncan

      Brian Duncan

      @Ross StensfieldThere's kinky ways, lenient ways, harsh ways, destructive ways...

  4. If Lucas killed me I would have slapped him with a warning point (lol jk). I trusted him and focused on burst firing at the Quilin. If you listen carefully, I always fired in 4-5 round bursts
  5. Skip to 12:30 If you just want to see the frag. special thanks to Lucas for the video.
  6. You know you have a problem when you make a graph of the 1st 100 iterations of the Fibonacci sequence for the fun of it. I did: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10E7iqap80LIlSc4i8oGSq4p7vqhGpew68LMCgheobVg/edit?usp=sharing

    1. Harry Lewis

      Harry Lewis

      That's a table, this is a graph: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MCB72R4kYVREbp05xJHI4Jy7KJNCqslOY6yXJ8qSMRs/edit?usp=sharing

      Graphing f(n) - where f is the fibonacci function f(n) = ((𝜱nn)/√5) against n is pretty much pointless as it is essentially asymptotic, however taking the natural logarithm of the function result gives an interesting output - a straight line gradient roughly 0.47.


      p.s. "1 Thousand = 100 x 100" not quite 

    2. Kral


      You guys have too much time on your hands 😂

    3. L. Honore [H&A]

      L. Honore [H&A]

      Eh, it was a little challenging, but less so if you know Google sheets as well as I do and make the sheet auto calculate it for you 

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