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  1. My characters

    Most of you I'm sure are familiar with my main character, Leonidas Honore either as a cop or a civilian. However, I'd like to introduce you all to my small network of lesser known side characters and their backstories.


    1. Richard Smith 

    Gender: Male

    Nationality: American 

    Background: Military, 727th Urban Combat Rescue Regiment, US Army Rangers 

    Backstory / Relationship with Leonidas:

    Richard Smith was born into a Middle class family that wasn't quite as fortunate as Leonidas's family. Richard's father was an Army veteran and Richard's mother was a business owner. Richard himself was an Front Line FOB Military Policeman [MP] (which partly explains how he met Leonidas) and worked hard to help his family in any way possible. One fateful day, Richard was given the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to be an Army Ranger MP. Richard took the opportunity and passed Ranger School without difficulty. After Ranger School, Richard was assigned to the unit he would be with for the remainder of his Military career: The 727th Urban Combat Rescue Brigade. Leonidas quickly saw great potential in Richard and trained him personally. As an Indirect result, Richard was soon fast tracked to 2nd in Command (Lt. Colonel) of the Brigade. This was a win-win situation on all sides. Richard was given a Command position and a direct line of communication with Leonidas (who was already Brigade Colonel at the time) and Leonidas got a quality SIC he could trust to take action with the Brigade's best interests at heart. When Leonidas retired, his final act as Brigade Colonel was to appoint Richard as his successor. Richard kept the position for four more years until he was honorably discharged with high honors due to injuries sustained in combat. Richard soon found Leonidas again and now works as the acting Chief Operations Officer of Honore & Associates.

    2. Nikolai Kolushnikov

    Gender: Male 

    Nationality: Russian 

    Background: Ex-KGB, Fled Russia to avoid persecution 

    Backstory / Relationship with Leonidas: 

    Nikolai started out as a loyal KGB Agent, however, he soon found vast evidence of corruption and Illegal activities by the Kremlin. Nikolai's Supervisors soon found out what he knew and threatened to have him executed if he released the evidence. Nikolai and his family packed their bags and fled to Altis seeking asylum. It wasn't long before Nikolai found Employment with an Ex-Army Ranger Colonel we're all quite familiar with. Nikole currently works as acting Chief Financial Officer for Honore & Associates.

    3. Neal Peterson 

    Gender: Male 

    Nationality: British 

    Background: Record Keeper of well known Hedge Fund 

    Backstory / Relationship with Leonidas: Neal Peterson made a name for himself in the business community as an insanely talented record keeper with an eye for details both big and small. Naturally when Leonidas met Mr. Peterson, it was an easy decision to hire him. Neal Peterson currently works as the Chief Record Keeper for Honore & Associates.

    4. Pierre

    Gender: Male 

    Nationality: French 

    Background: Well known secretary 

    Backstory / Relationship with Leonidas:  Pierre was in dire straits in France, no matter how hard he tried he was always looking for his next job to help pay his bills. Leonidas met Pierre when he moved to Altis and hired him without much of an interview. Pierre currently works as the Chief Board Secretary for Honore & Associates.

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