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  1. L. Honore [AT727]

    @Northpax @Connor Benson Was a lot of fun. Shame we'll never get to do it again
  2. L. Honore [AT727]

    I am sick, I've been diagnosed with roleplay
  3. L. Honore [AT727]

    Roleplay FTW
  4. L. Honore [AT727]

    I'll admit I have posted the link to my Public Records before, and I have been downright neglecting updating my citation and arrest reports but ye can find the link below. DCI Leonidas Honore Public Records
  5. L. Honore [AT727]

    So what?
  6. L. Honore [AT727]

    Ex: I fill a HEMTT full of plastic, store my HEMTT, go have lunch, come back, pull out the HEMTT somewhere else and process. Would that be considered exploiting?
  7. L. Honore [AT727]

    +1 good idea -1 might cause more problems than it solves
  8. L. Honore [AT727]

    You literally call everyone a bot
  9. L. Honore [AT727]

    I'm too tired and it's much too late for me to be arguing in circles. I'll leave it up to Staff to decide whether or not they think this is metagaming. Whatever decision they make I will respect.
  10. L. Honore [AT727]

    I tried to find you only to find out you had disconnected from teamspeak
  11. L. Honore [AT727]

    Did I ever even talk or give you any hard evidence that it was me?
  12. L. Honore [AT727]

    +1 great officer, though a bit too silly at times
  13. L. Honore [AT727]

    Doesnt matter, you can't just assume its me
  14. L. Honore [AT727]

    I personally never heard or saw anyone ask me to come to liason
  15. L. Honore [AT727]

    So what would you do if someone else showed up in the same vehicle and clothes I wear? Just because I wear particular clothes and drive a particular vehicle doesn't give you the right to automatically assume its me, I still have to introduce myself for you to be able to call me by name in rp.

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